Zelda limited steel was damaged when arrived

Hi Nintendosoup, the steelbook was damaged already when unboxing…please assist

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Sorry to hear about your steelbook. Sadly the Admin and Mods of NintendoSoup have basically abandoned the forums so you won’t get help from them here in a timely matter as it’s pretty rare they come here and if they do they tend to ignore the feedback we give to them.

You are best sending a DM to iggy or emailing them. Did they send you an email when they sent the special edition to you? if so try replying to that.

As I said the forums have been abandoned by the NintendoSoup staff, their first big project was given up a few weeks after it launched.

Sorry to hear about that. If it makes you feel any better my Digital copy was damaged too, the framerate stutters a ton

Maybe try contacting the NintendoSoup store at https://nintendosoup.com/store-contact/ and see if they can do anything about it.
The package was probably damaged during delivery.

I’m sorry for you, I agree it’s better to contact the store.

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