Your opinions on the Pokemon Sword and Shield marketing

What do you all think about how Nintendo, The Pokemon Company and GameFreak are handling the marketing for SwSh?

The games are just over a month away and we don’t know much at all.

With past games I think by now we knew about nearly every new pokemon, I actually like that I don’t know how many new pokemon there will be and that we only know about 10 new ones.

Also did any of you watch the 24-hour live stream? I didn’t watch all of it but I thought it was a good idea of having a trailcam in the forrest, but they could have had more pokemon appear in it besides 6-7 that were in it, owuld it have killed them to have some bug types such as Weedle or Caterpie crawing around?

As far as I’m concerned, that 24 hour livestream only had a single pokemon in it, I feel sorry for anyone who tried to watch all of it or as much as possible.
I too, am glad I don’t know every pokemon in the game yet, but since I don’t think I’ll be buying the game day 1, It will probably all be spoiled by the time I do decide to get it.

Gen 5 was great at not showing off all the pokemon before launch, and I still have a bit of nostalgia for that mystery which propels my love for Black and White. In gen 6 I knew every single pokemon except for pumpkaboo before the game came out. Pumpkaboo was a huge surprise compared to the rest of the game. In gen 7, The funny thing is, I knew there was new pokemon, but they made it really hard to find most of them. I had to look up how to catch most of them, like the sea urchin pokemon and the anchor.

Anyways, about the marketing, there is still a month left, and I feel like alot of people are still not sold on the game; including myself, a die-hard pokemon fan. I think they will do one final direct before the game releases (that or a quick reveal on their youtube channel.) My prediction is that it will be be some feature that’s never been shown but honestly not that exciting at all.

Unfortunately, I have given up on it. I had high ups for a grand first console game, a la Breath of the Wild. But SwSh came out underwhelming and only been more and more disappointing with new details.

I know people will enjoy it and it will be perfectly passable but I will wait for something better.