Yoshi's Crafted World

Yoshi’s Crafted World is out today, so we’re setting up a Megathread for it! Feel free to discuss anything you like about the game here.

Please refrain from posting spoilers. If there’s really a need please use the “Blur Spoiler” tool which can be found under “options” (gear/cog logo) in the text editor.

I wanted to play it today, but strangely enough I’m recovering from brain surgery and have my good and bad days. Unfortunately today was bad so it’ll have to wait until tomorrow.

I played Wooly World with my daughter back when that came out. It really brought the telcos of us closer together than we had ever been before. I can’t wait to play this one too. I love how relaxing they are, how well co-op works, and the graphics. Going back to LIttleBigPlanet, I’ve always loved the basic texture style of graphics. I am glad it isn’t used too much because it’d get old I think, but I sure wouldn’t mind seeing a sequel to Kirby in yarn form though!

I played it with my girlfriend the last few days and it’s a great relaxing game. We just keep standing still in the levels to look at the backrounds and find lots of cute details. It’s a lovely game and one that just keeps putting a smile on your face ^^


I like it but some of the music drives me nuts. I was playing a level in world one last week and the music was so irritating, I had to mute my television.

Agreed. It’s got just enough difficulty to make it a great end of the day play through without adding more stress. The levels are so intricate though. My wife asked me why I played the same level 3 times, and it’s all because I missed something due to its layers.

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Yeah I keep on forgetting to try to throw eggs at things in the background the first time through 5e levels. So much to every single screen of the game.

After a few more hours with the game i really get the feeling it’s harder than wolly world. Played the skeleton saurus level (don’t know what it’s called in english) yesterday and it was really hard to run and collect everything.

Also i think the 2 player mode would have needed some different approach to it. Pretty often we are in the way of each other and eating the other player by accident which leads to the eaten player loosing their eggs. That can be annoying. But overall it is still great fun.

Good ol’ delightful Yoshi. I’m quite enjoying this, though I get a fit when I reach the end if a stage and I don’t have the maximum amount if smiley-flowers, red coins and hearts. I’m not a completionist, but Yoshi-games have this strange effect on me where I refuse to go to the next level until I have found it all!

If the Yoshi’s weren’t so cute, they would be absolutely diabolical creatures. Like cats.

@Dysnomia: speedy recovery!

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Thanks for the speedy recovery comment!

Yes, I agree. Yoshi has a surprising amount of replay ability due to wanting to collect everything. In that way the easier difficulty, to me, works in that going back to a level to get everything you missed always seems within your grasp.

Honestly, I think that Yoshi Wooly World and Captain Toad are my favorite Wii U games, so happy to have them both back on Switch with Crafted World and all of the new stuff and doc for Captain Toad!

I agree with you. I am really happy to have a similiar Yoshi game to Wolly World on the Switch and i learned to love Captain Toad thanks to the Switch. I never bought it on the Wii U but i am really happy that i finally tried it out.

Back to topic: I played the ninja house levels that they showed at E3 yesterday. Loved them and it was a nice little detail that all the shyguy were blue in the level ^^.

Got to Shadowville yesterday. The levels there scared me more then some horror games Oo
Also loved the one with the solar racing car. That was awesome!

Those costumes are so adorable! They do make an already rather easy game even easier, but then again, you don’t play a Yoshi-game for the challenge. You play it to get every single flower, red coin and heart. And to fulfill every request! Until you turn mad! MAD, I SAY!!