WSJ reports Switch Pro and Switch Lite coming this summer

So it seems two Switch versions are coming this summer- a Pro version aimed at gamers, and a Lite version aimed at casual players touted as a successor to the 3DS. The appearance of the consoles will “surprise” us too.

Now I’m curious how much both versions will cost. I doubt I’m going to upgrade since I’m playing in TV Mode most of the time.

What are your thoughts?

I’m most interested with the Switch Pro, as far as wall street journal’s report go, it does not describe to what it means by enhanced… it basically used another benchmark and said that it’s weaker than that. I mean even that statement holds true for the current Switch.

What I want to see is how much new upgrade the Switch Pro can bring, like for example the 3DS and New 3DS saw a whole slew of feature upgrades, from buttons to the improved screen. I’m interested to know how much can Nintendos upgrade to justify the pro, instead of just slapping a new processor.

So I guess it will be an interesting year

What they probably meant was the specs jump between Switch and Switch Pro wouldn’t be as large as a jump between PS4 and PS4 Pro.

I think they are going to have to offer a lot of new features in order to entice gamers to purchase. The New 3DS XL was released about 4 years into the 3DS lifecycle, and we are barely 2 years into the Switch lifecycle. I feel it’s too early for a Switch Pro, but the timing for a Switch Lite is just about right.

If this is true, I can’t wait for the reveal. But,I’m still finishing 3ds and Wii games over here!

“What they probably meant was the specs jump between Switch and Switch Pro wouldn’t be as large as a jump between PS4 and PS4 Pro” - Well… that’s exactly what eurogamer is saying: "As for the new souped-up Switch, the one for “avid videogamers”, yesterday’s report mentioned it would not be getting beefed up to the specs of either the PlayStation 4 Pro or Xbox One X - which shouldn’t come as much of a surprise.

I’ve heard the bump will be comparable to the one received by the 3DS upon its New 3DS relaunch.

Switch Pro for the living room and Swith Mini for my son.

My concern with the budget Switch is that if the rumours are true that it’s a handheld only where the joy-cons don’t detach then it goes against the USP of the console? Like, Switch, switch into what?

Very interesting.

A cheap 2DS-like Switch makes a lot of sense. A souped-up Switch (pun purely coïncidential) is a surprise, though. 3 SKU’s is a lot, so if this turnes out to be true, I suspect the original Switch will be faded out in favour of the new system, just like the pre-New 3Ds’s slowely were replaced with the New-line.

Just like the New 3DS, I’d buy it in a heartbeat, though. Because I’m a sucker.

Switch into nothing. Some people were concerned about the 2DS when it launched without the glasses free 3D feature, but in the end it still sold many units due to the lower price.

I’m sure they will slowly phase it out, so it won’t happen immediately this year.

I guess they’ll price it this way:

Switch - 299.99
Switch Lite - 199.99
Switch Pro - 329.99

And in a year or two Switch Pro would become 299.99.

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Those prices would entice me. fingers crossed

You can’t really guess the prices when you don’t have any knowledge on the actual specs, don’t you agree?

The prices came from a few assumptions:

  1. No Joy-Con and HD Rumble for Switch Lite. Joy-Con components are pretty expensive so by integrating the controllers into the console they are significantly reducing the cost. They could also use a smaller and/or lower quality screen, which is another huge factor.
  2. Higher quality and/or larger screen for Switch Pro.

Again, not enough assumptions to base those prices on, still missing a lot of specs IMO

Don’t forget the Lite version will likely ship without a dock. That thing is massively expensive for what it is.

Hey, speculation is half the fun! :wink:

I think the Switch Mini should be dockless, HD Rumbleless, and NFCless, and really strive to hit a $150 price point.

The Switch Pro needs to have a Gorilla Glass 1080p screen, larger battery, 8 gb of ram, 128 gb internal storage, and a new Tergra processor. Also it needs to be $399 or lower. I think a Dockless version could get it as low as like $320 but I am hoping for a new dock that can upscale or do some magic to get us to some version of 4k.

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Almost forgot about that - that’s easily 10 - 30 dollars off the cost of production.

If they ever hit USD150 for the budget version, they are going to sell millions once Sword and Shield comes out. It’s an insane price for a console 2 years into the lifecycle.

I doubt they will ever put any processors inside the Dock, it’d probably be cheaper to make the console itself more powerful.

On another note… two things I feel that are stopping Nintendo from making a very powerful Switch are battery and heat. We can have a processor with PS4 graphics but is a console the size of the Switch able to dissipate the heat and last for 3 hours? That’s something I feel people should think about when they start comparing PS4/Xbox One graphics to Switch.


I agree. I don’t think we’ll see anything too powerful due to those reasons.
I mean, unless they plan to package a giant cinderblock-sized switch with a leather neck strap and a fire extinguisher. :wink:

Lol! We’ll get there (PS4 level) eventually, but not that soon.

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