Would you be willing to pay more for physical games?


I see many of you pass off games that are not 100% on a physical cart for the Switch. So I got to thinking, would you pay more for the publishers throw them on a bigger cart? Instead of $60 would you be willing to pay $70 or even $80?

Games have cost $60 for decades yet game development has gotten more expensive.

So how many would be willing to pay more?


I don’t mind just buying digital most of the time. I think the problem most have is it being not one or the other. Having said that I probably would pay more for all physical new but it would make buying pre-owner better. Buying second hand and only getting half the game is annoying. Final fantasy x looking you :slight_smile:


Buying second hand is a great way to save money, however it also hurts the game developers and publishers. I am ok with it if it’s one of the big guys like an Ubisoft or EA, because they launch numbers and subsequent weeks make them tons of money, not to mention their microtransactions. However buying a used indie game seems awful, so I guess what I am saying is pay full price for Dead Cells and don’t buy a used copy lol


I bought some indie games who release a physical edition ,it’s nice to promote the publishers
Yooka Laylee
The Messenger
Bloodstained Curse of the moon


Buying indie games digitally gives them the most profit for their hard work though. Not sure about the Limited Run games, I wonder if Limited Run pays the indies for publishing rights and then pays for the packaging, extras and shipping


I prefer buying my games physical. I like to really own the games and have the option to sell them again if i so desire in the future. Sometimes i buy games used but i try to avoid that to support the developers.

That said i wouldn’t mind paying more to have the games physical but i don’t see why i should? It’s not that games cost less digital even if developers don’t have the printing costs. Also it depends on the developer and the game.
Let’s use Mortal Kombat 11. Would i pay more for physical? No way!
Why? Because i already think there were some bad decisions surrounding the game. Like making Shao Khan a long time member of the core cast a preorder character. I don’t like such buisness practices. Mostly because i believe someone has to prove to me, the consumer, that their product is worth my money. Making long time characters of the franchise preorder bonuses just puts pressure on the consumer.

What i was trying to say is that there is more to the whole thing to just “would i pay more?”
The question is also “should i pay more?” “Should others support physical media and the stores and jobs in their area?”
“Does the industry really need more money or do executives just grav everything and search for excuses to earn even more?”
“Should i support physical media so that movies, music and of course games can still be used and archived in the future? No matter the infrastructure or companies that are still in the buisness?”

After all games mean more to us then just entertainment for a short time. Games like Final Fantasy IX, Super Mario World, Mario Odyssey, Mario Kart, Smash Bros. Bayonetta, Celeste, the Tales of games, Yoshis Crafted/Wooly World, Overcooked and so on. These games touched me, entertained me or gave me memories like no other. I want to relive those memories in the future too and for that they have to be kept save and near me.

This and much more are reasons and thoughts in my head whenever the topic about physical/digital games comes up.

I really hope i don’t come of to preachy but i think we all are better off in the future if we still have the choice between physical and digital.


I remember Turok on N64. 100 euro. Third Party SNES-games. 80 euro.

60 euro doesn’t seem so bad all of the sudden.

Anyhoo, on stationary consoles I prefer all-physical whenever I can. But on Switch I prefer my smaller indiegames or games like Mega Drive Classics (Genesis for you Americanos) or Stern Pinball Arcade to be digital. It’s more practical. Though I’d buy Hellblade physically. Nearly 20 GB is a lot of room…

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Earthbound when it came out in the States for the SNES, it was pre-packaged with it’s strategy guide. I think the Japanese thought we were too stupid to figure it out without one. I remember the game box being huge to accommodate the guide and I believe it was either $80 or 90.


I would pay more to get the game on a cart, I bought Starlink physical and really wish they would have paid the cost for the 16gb cart, although it said a download was required to play you could play up to getting your flight engines back online with out the download, but I would have paid a little more.

I think we should only have to pay the difference for the price of the cart, I am not sure how much each cart size cost, but I imagine they wont more than $10 for the largest one. If anyone knows the prices please let me know.


The last figure I saw was that a 32 gb card cost the developer $20. So the larger capacity cards eat even more into their bottom dollar


A lot more than I thought, but still I would pay the extra to get a full game on a cart.


If the 20 bucks are correct i would pay that for a full game on a cartridge with no microtransaction or lootbox nonsense. Just a full game like it used to be


I feel in the case of Ffx/x-2 I’d rather buy them both as physical or digital rather than mix and match. Especially after hearing that you need the game card to access the digital copy of x-2. That just sucks.


Interesting. Didn’t know they went the Bayonetta/Bayonetta 2 route there.

I feel the same as you there. I’d rather have both games the same way, which in my case would be physical


The $20 charge is for the smaller carts they have been using. You would probably have to pay an extra $20 to offset their use of a larger cart and even more if they game is really big (Mortal Kombat 11 for example). So would you be willing to pay $80 to $100 per game just so they could fit large AAA games all on a cart? No Microtransactions and No Lootboxes


Yes i would. But! if i have to pay so much for a AAA game the least the producers could do is to put demos of their games on the eshop. If i get a chance to try the game and make sure that it is something for me then yes i would pay 100 bucks for a game without any microtransactions.

In fact if i like a game. If i really enjoy a game i often buy them on several plattforms. I did so with Overcooked 2 which i bought for 40 bucks physical on Switch and then again on GOG for i believe Bucks. And that was for a relatively small indie game.


I would definitely like more demos. Especially with the higher priced games I’m always hesitant to buy as I know that for digital purchases if it turns out it’s not for me there’s nothing I can do. At least with physical the risk is slightly mitigated by trade in.


To answer the question directly: no, but maybe.

Long read ahead warning! :wink:

To set thing straight, I am a sucker for all things physical, because I do not believe in the eternal lifespan of the Switch itself.

Price for dev kit / SDK = 50,000 yen
Game Carts? 1GB/2GB/4GB/8GB/16GB/32GB - from what I am told, 2GB carts costs more than publishing a PS4 title that uses bluray!
… and then you have the development/production costs of the actual game.

I just want to put this here to exclude some trendy publishers who “publish” game cards on 1-4GB carts, and make you download another ~12GB upon insert. No, I won’t buy them either. And keeping these carts are of no use if one day, Nintendo Switch Online turns into dust.

Given the history of how AAA game prices have costed in recent years. The only reason I see here that attributes to “higher cost” game carts, is because Nintendo insist on using their proprietary game cart tech and wants a slice of the game sales. For this reason, no I wouldn’t pay more.

On the other end, in light of rising costs, if the game developer convinces me that “hey this is a FULL game. No DLC at day 1! This is the real deal!” and wants $20 bucks more, sure! In-fact, bite me!

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I am hoping the prices of carts drop soon so we can get more full physical releases, still makes me a little angry when I think how much I paid for starlink physical and how much of the game came on the cart, I cant be too angry aboht it though as I knew that before I imported it but still if I can import FFX & X2 for under 28 british pounds and both games are on one cart why couldnt Ubisoft put the games on a 16gb cart, I can accept DLC on a system easy enough but dowloading more yhan half the game and then dlc is not great


I imported World of Final Fantasy because I prefer physical. Also got Yooka Laylee.

I hate that the prices are higher, personally, but I like having a physical collection.