Wolfenstein Youngblood coming July 26 on Switch

So finally after countless of false starts on GameStop, Bethesda has made this official.

Can’t wait to try it out since I really enjoyed Wolfenstein II. Anyone else picking up a copy?

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It looks very good but I will still need to get Wolfenstein 2 before I play this.

Yea you should, Youngblood’s story takes place several decades after the events of Wolfenstein II.

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But no physical release in Europe or Australia? Baffling! :confused:

It’ll probably come though. I feel like releases take awhile to reach other regions.

So i saw this video today on Youtube:

and it seems Wolfenstein youngblood will be sold as a physical box but without a cartridge. Just the download code inside. If this is true then it really annoys me. I want to collect my games on some form of physical medium and not just get the download code. I mean you can’t resell something like that (which is probably the reason for doing it like this and also cost saving)

That really sucks. Looks like importing from Asia is our only hope left, assuming they don’t go along with the download code nonsense.

What am I going to do with Fire Emblem Three House now?

There are rumours abound that in Europe, the base game will be an eShop-game exclusive, but the retail-deluxe version will actually have a card.

Just speculation and wild gossip at this point. Would be awfully nice though.

Update: rumour debunked. Move along, nothing to see here.

Is this to keep the cost down and on par with the other consoles? I’d happily pay Switch tax for a physical cartridge. It feels like we are getting cheated by Bethesda.

I think the whole “cost saving” thing is half a myth. Companies like Bethesda or capcom (looking at Resident Evil there) have more than enough money to make cartridges. I think we get more niche or indie games on cartridges than games from AAA developers

Well, indiegames are generally smaller, so the cost of a 2GB is pretty affordable. From what I’ve heard, it gets rather expensive from 16GB on. Likely they wanted to avoid a Switch-tax.

Either way, my 512GB SD-card is cringing.

True but indie developers don’t have the budget the AAA publishers have. I think that balances it.
Also i really wonder how the cartridge price may have changed since the Switch started. I mean by now it is a success and producing higher numbers of cartridges should not cost as much anymore. I may be wrong there though.

Apparently, prices have come down only marginally. :frowning: A shame. I wonder if Nintendo was counting on that when they developed the Switch. Not that their games are especially big, though.

Yeah it would be interesting to know what Nintendos stand on all this is. Maybe on the long run they are like Microsoft at the beginning of the Xbox One and they would rather have a all digital future.

I continue to hope that Nintendo will find a way to make cartridges more affordable or that companys won’t cheap out anymore so that collectors like me will have full games on their cartridges. One can dream

I believe that’s part of the reason. It also depends whether they could get their hands on the larger cards from Nintendo.

It’s not going to be easy to bring down the price of the Game Cards.

From what I heard (not sure how accurate this is), the price of a 32GB Game Card is more than double the price of the 1GB Game Card. And in the first place, the 1GB configuration isn’t cheap.

That might be the case but those companys have the money to print some cartridges. If more companies would go for physical releases than i am sure the prices would drop at least a little.


I know this article is about the Vita but you can also see it as a look into a possible future for the games on the eshop or Switch in general.
As consumers i believe we should not support cheap tactics like what wolfenstein does on Switch as well as Mortal Kombat 11.
At least not if we want to really own our games in the future.
Also sorry for the off topic but i just read that article today and i am really not looking forward to the future ^^’