Who Else Is Buying the Switch Lite?

I’m going to purchase a Switch Lite over the original as I will only be using it whilst travelling anyway so not being able to dock it is no problem for me. I know the original offers more features but the lower price makes it a bit more appealing to me. The Switch Lite also reminds me of the Gameboy Advance which I used to love.

I recently bought the Switch refresh with better energy efficient processor. I use my Switch docked at home but do bring my Switch with me when I go out

I am thinking about it. I am considering waiting until November for the Pokemon version of it, I am going to wait and see what reviewers say about it being used with people with large hands before I make my choice though.

I wasn’t going to buy it.

And then I did. As usual. :wink: And I’ve been in love with it’s yellow beauty even since!

It’s my primary Switch (I play portable 80% of the time), and my ol’skool Switch is my secondary, for TV-play. Bar from (easy and quick) cloud-save downloading, it’s very convenient actually.

Getting one for Christmas! I love it because it looks like another GBA.