Which will you be getting? Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled Or Team Sonic Racing?


Personally I am more excited for Crash Team Racing as I have many fond memories playing it in the past with my cousin on his PS1.
But Team Sonic Racing still does look like a fun game but does have a lack of characters.

I will be trying to pick up both games at some point this year.


I would prefer Crash Team Racing.
The Sonic game looks a little bit generic in my eyes. The team mechanic is interesting but i think it would also bring some frustration. I mean if i am in first place and my teammates are last and second to last that would just be frustrating.
I will keep an eye on the Sonic Racing game but i think Crash will be a safer bet for a good game.

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I will probably get both but Sonic Team Racing is kind of concerning me

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Depends if either of the games hits 60FPS, the crash Nsane trilogy wasn’t even 60fps on ps4, so I don’t have high expectations for either

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Kart Racers tend to run at 60 fps for the most part. Hell Nickelodeon Kart Racer ran barely at 60 fps and that was a cobbled together cash grab. I think both Sonic and Crash will have no problem hitting 60 fps. The issues I have with Sonic is overall it does not look visually impressive in both the design of the characters and cars, and in the levels. Also I haven’t seen any evidence there will be any other Sega properties in the game like before. I think sadly it will be all Sonic characters

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