What's your favourite retro system?

Mine is, cliché given this is a Nintendo site, the Super Nintendo. For me, the SNES represents the pinnacle of 2D-gaming. A lot of the games still hold up today. Super Mario World still is my favourite game if all time! F- Zero, Super Metroid, Super Mario Kart, Mario All Stars, Contra 3, Axelay, Starfox… Too many to name! Sure, these old and weary eyes are looking through rise-tinted-glasses, but that’s part of retro-gaming, which is subjective by definition. And since I’m from Europe, I got the nice Famicom-style model. And borders. And a 17.5 decrease in speed. Ah, the good ol’ days. :wink:

I quite like the Sega Saturn too. Some excellent home conversions, the Panzer Dragoon-games, Guardian Heries, 2D-fighters… Bliss. I was quite fond of the Dreamcast too, but a lot of those games got rereleases or relasters on other platforms.

And let’s not forget the old trusty Gamecube, with some excellent and quirky games: Super Mario Sunshine, Chibi-Robo, Killer7, Doshin The Giant, the Rogue Squadron- games, Eternal Darkness (still a Halliween favourite), the Super Monkey Balls, WaveRace, 1080,…

So, what’s yours?

I have to choose the SNES/Super Famicom. Lots of great games came out of the SNES, some of my favorites include Fire Emblem and Super Mario All-Star Collection.

Super Nintendo for me as well. If I could only have one console that would be it. So many excellent games, so much variety, and it was the birthplace for so many amazing franchises. Something else I always point out about SNES is that TV/Movie games were actually GOOD on that system back in the day. Aladdin, The Little Mermaid, The Lion King, Power Rangers, the list goes on. Great selection of RPGs, fighters and platformers. Some of my all-time favorites are on that system. Super Metroid, Super Mario World, Street Fighter II, Donkey Kong Country Series, Super Mario RPG, Super Mario All Stars, F-zero, and so many more.

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GameCube for me. I go all of the way back Atari days, but nothing was just so perfect as Gamecube to me.

It was the last of the pure gaming consoles from any company, we didn’t have to apply day 1 patches, no dlc and just an amazing and consistent library.

This was also when Nintendo was still in the new days of new pic (like Smash) and bringing in new ip (like Pikmin). 3rd parties, while not supporting in force, brought incredible games as well. Some examples of this include Viewtiful Joe, Rogue Squadron and the way underrated Billy Hatcher from Sega.

I could go on and on. I think that it also hit in a special time for me too as I had just recently become a first time father, so the time in general was just really special for me.


Super Nintendo for me as well.
It was my first console and it is still one of those i spend the most time with.

I loved playing F-Zero and Mario Kart with my dad back in the day and i got the music of Super Mario Land stuck in my head ever since. Great now i can’t stop humming it again XD

I also loved it because of some licensed games like Power Rangers the Movie or Marvel super heroes War of the Gems.

I recently opened my old SNES and cleaned it completely since it stopped working properly. Now it’s back again and i recently tried out some old games again and it was just magic. The afternoon was flying by like when i was a kid ^^

But i still have one thing that is haunting me from the SNES era and that is a link to the past. I never finished the game since it was a little hard for me as a kid but this year i finally want to beat it.

The same here! I finished most if the Zelda-games, bar Adventure Of Link (which I never had as a kid) and ALttP. Not for a lack of trying, though. It’s the first and only game of which I thought I might be playing a tad bit too much for my wellbeing. A sobering thought for a 13-year old.

Gameboy Advanced SP it was basically the most perfect system made and it was basically a foldable SNES

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I don’t remember and day 1 patches on the Wii

I actually sat out of the Wii, I’m left handed and the controls just never felt right to me. I was assuming there, guess I was wrong. But the rest of the comment still seems appropriate.

i grew up with the SNES…

Contra / Super Mario World / Area 88
just to name afew…

I don’t know if anyone knows this game but I loved Virtual On Cyber Troopers. It’s a PvP arcade game where you control mechs using twin flight sticks in a third-person combat setup. Nobody makes games like it anymore. Maybe I just don’t see because I don’t visit arcades anymore. Only games I have time to play these days are Gamdom slots.