What upcoming games in April are you looking at buying?

I personally have already prepurchased Cuphead, My Time at Portia and Katana Zero. I will also be grabbing Mortal Kombat 11 but what is everyone else eyeballing?

Possibly mortal combat 11, I just grabbed power rangers battle for the grid though so I might have to wait a bit. Also might just save as there are a few games launching in May I wanna grab and money is tight right now for me. XD

Which games in May are you looking at?

Guilty Gear mostly. I can’t remember the other one off the top of my head. Lol

Cool I’m looking out for Shakedown Hawaii I fear they will do a surprise release. I have money sitting in my eshop wallet just in case

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I should do that in the future. You sir, are smart.

I wouldn’t say I’m smart just horrifically impatient. Some of these games I follow for years and want in my life. I own Cuphead on my PC but when it was announced on the Switch I refreshed the eshop a lot until it showed up and I prepurchased it immediately

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MK11 since I haven’t played mortal kombat since the N64 days. Dragons Dogma and Darksiders both look really good and I’ve never played those. For $30 each it’s hard to not pick them up lol at least for me it’ll be like playing a brand new game.

Absolutely Cuphead! Glad I have a son even better than me at games. Really want to be able to get through it and together I’m sure we can do it.

I know people wear progress on Cuphead as a badge of honor but man, i really wish there was an easier setting.

Possibly katana zero based on reviews and first impressions. Steamworld quest too as I love steamworld Dig.

It does have an easier setting to practice but you don’t get the boss’s souls

I have Angerforce Reloaded already downloaded and will be available to play tomorrow.

I definitely want Darksiders as well and am considering Hob (apparently PS4 version had severe bugs so I’ll wait on reviews to see how it is on Switch). Cuphead I will get for sure - but I’ll wait on the physical.

Like someone above, there are already several games I know of in May I want so I probably will have to put a lot on my ‘later’ list. Good to have that, though, for any future dry periods.

How is Power Rangers? Is it worth the price? I am still on the fence about it since it seems a little bit pricey for the content it offers

I am really looking forward to Boxboy and Katana Zero.
But i think i will resist the urge to buy much because the summer seems kinda full with releases.
Mario Maker, Astral Chain, Ultimate Alliance 3, Fire Emblem. I think i save most of my money for that ^^

The gameplay is solid and the characters are well balanced, but honestly the price if you also buy the dlc isn’t currently worth it. The only thing in the dlc are a few skins and 3 characters, yet it’s the same price as the standard game. Until more dlc stuff is announced I would recommend buying the standard game for 20 dollars, and waiting for more info about the season pass. I did read somewhere that there might be more modes added later as there isn’t a story mode yet.
All that said, I purchased the 40 dollar version because I’m a fan of the franchise. XD

Interesting. Can you switch difficulty on the fly or in between stages?

Thank you. Do we know the characters that are to come with the season pass?
If they are of some Power Rangers shows or Sentai ones i watched i might also go for the 40 bucks version.
I am a fan of the franchise so i think i woulnd’t be dissapointed. At least not much XD

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You’re very welcome! :smile:
It’s been rumored that Udonna from mystic force and Zeo Gold are coming, based on some renders on the official website, though no one is sure if they’re for this game. Also Jen from Time Force was seen in some of the game’s concept art, and a few of the in-game mode select screens show some sort of yellow ranger robot thing that I’m not familiar with. I have a feeling it might be from shattered grid, which I haven’t read. That’s all I’ve heard/seen.

That sounds pretty cool. Most of the characters are more or less from the mighty morphin days. I like it but i think they could have used some more from other Power Ranger seasons.

Zeo Gold would be great. Loved the theme song of ZEO back then ^^

I agree. Also yesss the Zeo theme is one of my favorites. That and the original and Time Force themes. Loved the beginning of Lightspeed Rescue theme, but then I feel like it just falls apart.