What online multiplayer games does everyone play?

What’s everyone playing online?

I am personally playing Uno, Smash Bros, Mario Kart, Stardew Valley and Minecraft (I rented a realm for 6 months). I have many other games that have multiplayer but let me hear what you all are playing.

I can’t play online as often as I’d like, but currently I’m playing blazblue central fiction, Minecraft, Monster Hunter and Diablo 3.

My best friends and I can’t always be online at the same time so that’s why I rented a realm

That’s actually a really good idea. Also just remembered it was TLOZ Link’s Awakening.

I don’t think Links Awakening is coming out in May. Sonic Team Racing is though

Oh, my bad(good news for my wallet though)
Team Sonic Racing looks AMAZING, but I’m gonna wait for reviews.

Sadly I am one of those idiots who will prepurchase it and get burned lol


I usually play Tetris 99 and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. Back in the day Splatoon 2, DOOM, and a few others I couldn’t remember.

I mostly play Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Splatoon 2, Smash Ultimate and Tetris 99.

I also sometimes play Rocket League and Fortnite if i feel like it.

I also used to play Doom online but it seems the online is mostly dead by now. It’s a shame it was a nice oldschool shooter like quake or unreal tournament back in the day :frowning:

Payday 2, Fortnite(not my proudest moment I admit), DOOM, MK8.
Still waiting for something like BF although that might be a tad optimistic.
Forgot Rocket League and Splatoon 2

I play Splatoon 2 casually when I feel like it and for splatfests. Would love to play with people more often as I don’t have any gaming friends currently. Would love to play monster hunter with others when I get the game.

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Splatoon 2, Smash, and Tetris. I do have Pokken but haven’t played online yet.
Potentially Mario Kart in the future.

Which do you think is the best so far in terms of online play?

Do you mean in terms of performance? Probably Splatoon 2 and ARMS. At least i don’t have problems like disconnects and lag there.

Mario Kart gives me some trouble sometimes. Which means if someone disconnects while in a race i (and presumably everyone else) gets kicked back to the lobby as well. Wouldn’t be so much of an issue if i wouldn’t lose points for that :angry:

If we go third party i can only speak about Fortnite and Rocket League but both run very well on the Switch.