What games have you all been playing during quarantine?

During this quarantine, I managed to get to finally finishing Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Torna before Xenoblade Definitive Edition released. I have played quite a lot of Xenoblade Definitive Edition but I was mostly focusing on Persona 5 Royal until I recently finished it on PS4. It was amazing. I’m now playing through Final Fantasy 7 Remake but after that I’ll get back to Xenoblade :sweat_smile:. Other than JRPGs I’ve been playing Animal Crossing too.

What games have you all been playing during quarantine?

I recently began playing Animal Crossing and I should admit that I really like it.
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Animal Crossing i played for a month and i really liked it.

While we can still see one another virtually, stressful times during the pandemic and a new digital dynamic can make it hard to replicate the lighthearted moments of bonding that we crave. Thankfully, it’s still possible to enjoy many of the benefits of social interaction even when you’re holed up at home — and playing games is a great way to do it in a group.

Games I played with some descriptions-

Drink Talk Learn
If you’re a person who loves any excuse to talk about your niche interests, or you’ve ever zealously tried to persuade your friends about something seemingly silly, Drink Talk Learn parties are the perfect way to let your elevator pitch shine and to learn more about your friend’s eccentricities.

Scavenger Hunt
Scrambling and scavenging with friends is easily adaptable and enjoyably hectic, depending on the time limit you choose for each round. It’s also a great way to explore your space, and see your stuff, in a new way.

Storytelling I Spy
If you enjoy a bit of honest misdirection and like to keep your friends guessing, this is for you. Perfect for people with a flair for drama, this game is another great way to learn a bit more about each player, whether you discover that they’re a master of deception or that they happen to own a secret snow globe collection.

Drawing Challenges
Charades is perhaps the ultimate go-to game, but it doesn’t always translate well to video chat, where lag time and people talking over each other can make for confusing gameplay.

Talent Show
With so much extra time at home, many of us are faced with the same opportunity: torture ourselves with an overly ambitious project, or give ourselves mental space to deal with what’s going on (and perhaps pick up a few useless but entertaining party tricks along the way).

And I always love to play pc games with some cheats which help me for some advantages. :stuck_out_tongue:

Animal crossing. I actually got curious with all the hype about it and then I tried it for myself. I liked it. and I think that it is really fun to play. Tho during the quarantine I did invest in cryptocurrency and at learncrypto but thhat I loved most about it is that you can play with your friends too. I actually think some celebrities play it as well that’s why it got me excited to try it. I never knew any of their accounts those, I just saw it on some of their stories. Still it was this game that really made me smile a lot during the quarantine, really really fun.

I have been playing ancient tomb raider and hitman games.

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Monster Hunter World, some online slot games, some indie games, and League of Legends. I actually reached levels I never thought I’d reach such as Gold in LoL or beating arch tempered elder dragons in MHW.