What are you hoping to see in the Animal Crossing Switch game?

Hey folks,

Since 2018 we haven’t heard much of the Animal Crossing Switch game that is due this year.

It’s been six years since the last mainline Animal Crossing came out on 3DS, even longer if you’re only counting home consoles. So I’m wondering is there anything you hope to see in this game?

To start things off, I hope they’ll implement local multiplayer on the same Switch (same-screen play) for up to 4 players. And perhaps allowing us to choose our villagers and freezing the time if we have to stop playing for a year or so.


Agree on the time freeze option! Also hope we can ‘favorite’ villagers so they cannot move out randomly. Possibly the option to boot unwanted villagers out of town as well. More customization options and more custom design space. The option to have villagers wear pants. Maybe larger houses? Larger or upgradable storage. More flowers and trees, maybe bring in some from pocket camp? Uhhhh… I might be back later with more. Lol

If there won’t be a cripling debt to pay, I will not accept this as the true relaxing experience Animal Crossing is. And there better be daily holes to dig up which I feel obligated to discover all every single day.

And no, that’s not meant sarcasticly. That’s part of the charm. Though wouldn’t mind some more custumisation, some new activities, perhaps some themes for the town you choose and a touch more of K.K. Slider. And the confirmation Tom Nook is indeed a coldhearted psychopath. Murder, ladies and gents, can happen everywhere, even in a small town.

And not a board game in sight…

We definitely need time freeze. And yes, the ability to favorite villagers. If they gave us the options Animal Crossing would be perfect.

Speaking of Pocket Camp… I wonder how the integration is going to work.

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Tom Nook is definitely gonna be included lol. Would be nice if we can theme the town like Pocket Camp!

Have you ever hit the nail on the head with favoriting villagers!

I’m really hoping, in addition to just more of everything (like the mentioned larger houses), for a huge increase in multi player/online. And clever integration to Pocket Camp.

Id like to have 2 Switches and travel to each others’ villages and help each other out. I want people constantly going in and out of my village online with great benefits to both of us, whether it be gifts, special items or money.

I’d love to have my friends have villages “next” to mine that I can simply walk over to. Visit their stores that may have different items that day, talk to their animals to come visit.

What I think I am really getting at is that I want it to feel more alive, random, and fuller than ever before. I want to be able to play longer while still feel like I’m always seeing something new, including activities, games, etc, for years. And constant updates, even if that means paid (a season pass seems perfect, and may actually literally mean “season).

Wish e had Streetpass on the Switch so t(at we could meet people that way too. Liked that functionality of the 3DS.

I just want it to be magical, like playing it for the first time ever again.


Same feeling. I loved StreetPass a lot. The “walking over to another village” idea sounds pretty cool, but if they ever implement that I hope we could choose who we’d allow in or it’d be chaos lol

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Yeah, for sure. I think it should only be friends. And my thought is that you kind of create your own continent or something. Like you zoom way out and place your friends villages on your continent.

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I like having the separate villages but then a hub area where everyone could hangout would be neat. Like the festival plaza in Pokemon sun/moon. It could be a bit like the island in new leaf where you could play with friends but be a city maybe. Like how in real life you may go to the city/town to meet with friends and then can invite them back to your village if you like.

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“Have you ever hit the nail on the head with favoriting villagers!”

Have you ever hit a villager on the head with an axe?

C’mon, we all atleast tried to. It’s always in the back of our mind and teasing us.


Just me then?


Haha, you’re killin’ me smalls :crazy_face:

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Omg your comment made my day, thank you! :rofl: