Walkthrough the Fire & Flames, with Breath of Fire II (Retranslation)!

Yes, Breath of Fire II; One of the most unique RPGs I’ve ever played, and one of the prettiest. It’s traditional in structure, but the decisions made with its gameplay, balance, and pacing are fairly different. Sometimes different in a good way, sometimes in a bad way, and sometimes just… plain… weird.

I love it though. I love it so much, I got someone called Nitrodon to start hacking the game to pieces! His work is where I’ll be getting a lot of my knowledge (in addition to BSiron’s FAQ on GameFAQs)!

As for the translation… We’re not touching it. Capcom decided they could do better than Woolsey, and Capcom was wrong. Instead, we’re going with the Retranslation, with it’s cleaned up UI and Dash feature.

So welcome, friends, to the most thorough, beginner-friendly, and informative walkthrough you will ever see! Strap in, cuz it’s gonna be a wild ride!


Part 1: The Darkness Stirs (Prologue)

NOTE: I’m not able to include links in my posts at the moment, presumably due to being new. However, once I can, this is where the Youtube links will go.

And yes, I am doing this with the blessing of a moderator :slightly_smiling_face: .

Part 1: Breath of Fire II Walkthrough - The Darkness Stirs (Prologue)

I will include the Youtube link to the actual episode, once my account gets permission to do so. In the meantime, I’ll settle for just posting the strats here.

Also, we’re using the Retranslation, not the official localization. I will still include the official terms, however, to clear up confusion. Also, you should read the descriptions; They will usually be used to cover details I didn’t have time for in the episodes themselves.


Get the TreePole/Wood Pole from the closet in your bedroom
Talk to the lady who asks you where Yua is (next to the middle house)
Get a Healing Herb from the middle house
Go up to get beat by the Gunhead
– Attack yourself to end it quicker
Re-enter the Church and talk to Papa Hulk
Leave the village, enter the cave, and get smacked by Barubary/Barbaroi

Get LifePL/Ammonia from the Chief’s closet
Get 100z from Ryu & Bow/Bosch’s room
– Will not be available if you got the Healing Herb in the upper house
Get the Antidote from the upper room in the Inn
– SELL: TreePole/Wood Pole & LifePL/Ammonia
– TRADE: Bowie Dagger → Bronze Sword (Ryu)
– BUY: IronAR/Iron Band (Ryu) and Herbs

IF YOU’RE DOING THE MONEY GLITCH (I’m forgoing this for the Walkthrough):
Put Ryu in Slot 2 and Bow/Bosch to slot 1

Item Shop:
– SELL: LifePL/Ammonia
– BUY: x6 of any fishing item (the shop description will tell you if it’s used for fishing)
[DO NOT BUY 1 AT A TIME!! If you did, just Clean/Auto your inventory to put em in the same stack]

Weapon Shop:
Have Ryu trade for an IronAR/Iron Band or SaladBwl/Headband, then press A & B at the same time to glitch out the game. Do this as many times as you want (speedruns do this until they have about 17-18 million zenny)

After duplicating money:
Say Yes to equip the x6 fishing items over the NatureWP/Benadanti
Someone called “Sten” will get a bugged MoonDrop as a weapon; Said MoonDrop will be absurdly busted.

I’m not certain as to how A + B causes the game to start editing another character’s inventory… But for some reason, it does.

In any case, the game’s choice of character depends on which Slot Ryu is in. If Ryu is in Slot 1, the game will edit someone called “Nina”. If Ryu is in Slot 2, it will edit “Sten”. Slot 3 will edit “Jean/Tapeta”, and Slot 4 will edit “Spar/Aspara”.

It’s important to edit Sten, as the game accidentally uses the character’s starting Condition (more on that stat later) to determine what their equipped weapon is (since they’re not supposed to be in your party yet). Most characters start with 96/255 Condition, which translates to a TreeST/Wooden Staff (only sells for 50z). Sten, however, starts with 160/255 Condition, which turns into the NatureWP/Benadanti. This sells for 90000z, so you can duplicate money much quicker.

The game is trying to figure out what properties the “weapon” has; So if you transfer the x6 fishing items, the same sees it as having “06”. Bit 0 says “this weapon is a Holy weapon”, and Bit 6 says “this weapon makes you attack twice in a single turn”.

x06 is also what the MoonDrop item is identified as in a normal playthrough, so the game twists itself into a knot assuming that the MoonDrop is what you just equipped into Sten’s weapon slot.

Finally, a separate process (so the x06 doesn’t enter into this) classifies all items as either weapons, armor, accessories, or consumables. Consumables are always classified as 0x00 or 0x40, so the MoonDrop also gets 64 Attack on top of everything else.

And yes, you can do this as many times as you like, with as many characters as you like.

Ryu is the only one who can stack multiple copies of an item (the fishing items) into one Accessory slot. This is what allows us to put x6 of an item into another character’s weapon slot. If we attempted this with anyone else, the game would just tell us that the character cannot equip the x6 fishing items.


I’m only allowed to post one image per post, due to my new account status. However, once I can post more, I’ll include snippets of the old translation in these posts to show off what happened with the script, and why.

Here is Ryu & Bosch’s first big adventure!

Part 2: Breath of Fire II Walkthrough - We’re Rangers! (Harpies & Roaches)

Special thanks for giving me permission to use it!
(You can find more of せいはち’s work online, at a Japanese website called Pixiv! It’s basically the Japanese equivalent of Deviant Art.)

There are two timers at $CAA and $CAC (addresses found in RAM Search, if on emulator). They always freeze inside maps, always run in dungeons and the Overworld… And are bizarrely inconsistent everywhere else. Even textboxes aren’t always safe!

$CAA starts at 0 frames, goes up to 7200 frames (1/60th of a second), then rolls back to 0. $CAC advances by 1 every time it does. $CAC itself goes up to 32 before rolling over to 0. So you can think of these as a clock. The $CAA hand (0-7199) affects the $CAC hand (0-31).

When $CAC reaches a multiple of 4, a value (out of 255) is added to each character’s Luck, then multiplied by one of four multipliers. The exact numbers depend on the characters, and can be found in these tables:

0: 96
4: 48
8: 4
12: 48
16: 96
20: 96
24: 160
28: 96

0: 96
4: 96
8: 32
12: 96
16: 96
20: 176
24: 192
28: 176

0: 48
4: 96
8: 160
12: 96
16: 48
20: 32
24: 32
28: 32

0/8/16/24: 160
4/12/20/28: 32

Those numbers are added to the Luck stat of everyone in your Active Party. The sums are then multiplied by one of 4 factors…

-20% (17/32 chance)
+10% (7/32 chance)
+30% (5/32 chance)
+50% (3/32 chance)

Note that a character only needs to be at 192/255 to reach Super. So, even lower numbers like “96” are enough, if your Luck is high enough, and you reset for a 50% multiplier.

So, get to HomeTown/Newhaven, then stand on the Overworld for about 38 minutes (so $CAC is about to reach 20). Go back inside, save, wait for your Conditions to change, then reset till you see Great on both Ryu & Bosch. Then, make copies of this file throughout all three save files, and play as normal. This way, you will never have to do the 38 minute wait again!

These run entirely on Condition. The tables are as follows…

Ill: 0/16
Poor/Tired: 1/16
OK/Fine: 2/16
Good: 4/16
Super/Great: 8/16

All Else: 8/64
Good: 16/64
Super/Great: 24/64

Ill: 0/32
Poor/Tired: 2/32
OK/Fine: 3/32
Good: 4/32
Super/Great: 6/32

ENCOUNTER RATES (can be halved by Smokes):
Low encounter rate (Mainly Overworld areas when Ryu’s Level is at, or above, the Area Level)
Steps 5-23: 1/64
Steps 24-31: 2/64
Steps 32-39: 8/64
Steps 40-47: 10/64
Steps 48-55: 24/64
Steps 56-63: 32/64

Medium encounter rate (Mainly Overworld areas when Ryu’s Level is less than the Area Level)
Steps 5-7: 1/64
Steps 8-15: 2/64
Steps 16-23: 4/64
Steps 24-31: 8/64
Steps 32-39: 16/64
Steps 40-47: 24/64
Steps 48-55: 32/64
Steps 56-63: 48/64

High encounter rate (most dungeons, including Infinity)
Steps 5-7: 2/64
Steps 8-15: 8/64
Steps 16-23: 16/64
Steps 24-31: 24/64
Steps 32-39: 32/64
Steps 40-47: 48/64
Steps 48-55: 56/64
Steps 56-63: 64/64

Very high encounter rate (area around HomeTown, below level 5)
Steps 5-7: 8/64
Steps 8-15: 16/64
Steps 16-23: 24/64
Steps 24-31: 32/64
Steps 32-39: 48/64
Steps 40-47: 56/64
Steps 48-63: 64/64

The base accuracy of Shot is based on the target’s Luck. Multiply these by 1.2x if Bow is in Super/Excellent; Otherwise, multiply them by 1.3x (that’s not a typo; the game reads the commands in the wrong order :expressionless: …)

Enemy Luck:
1-8: 25/64
9-16: 23/64
17-24: 21/64
25-32: 19/64
33-40: 17/64
41-48: 15/64
49-56: 13/64
57-64: 11/64

This blocks both melee & magic damage down to one of four amounts…

50% (3/16 chance)
64% (6/16 chance)
75% (6/16 chance)
81% (1/16 chance)

Normal: x1.0 Damage Dealt & Received, x1.0 Crits

Scramble/Scatter (1st Slot): x1.3 Damage Dealt & Received, x1.3 Crits
Scramble/Scatter (2nd Slot): x0.9 Damage Dealt, x0.85% Received, x0.85 Crits

50% to die
30% to revive with 30 HP
12% to revive with 40 HP
6% to revive with 50 HP


Get LVL 2 for both PCs before Futabi

Mt. Futabi:
PARTY FORMATION: Bosch in Slot 1, Ryu in Slot 2
Use Shot/Snipe on Widows & Corpses

VS. Three Harpies (70 HP for Parreux, 40 HP for others): Scatter
Turn 1: Bosch attacks Pijo or Putti, Ryu Defends
Turn 2: Ryu heals himself up
Turns Onward: Heal whenever Ryu is so much as scratched!

Keep Scatter Formation
Get Headband in the right side of 1st cave room (equip on Ryu when healing)
Get Firecracker in the left side of 2nd room
LVL 6-7: Ryu Defends if no Gunheads, Leeches, or Goblins to kill

Nero’s House:

VS. Cockroaches: Normal
Auto small Cockroaches
Auto the big one as well (Ryu & Bosch outspeed it)

Head back to Newhaven for scenes.


I’m only allowed to post one image per post, due to my new account status. However, once I can post more, I’ll include snippets of the old translation in these posts to show off what happened with the script, and why.

Karma has come! Bosch’s life is on the line! How will Ryu handle the hardest part of the game? Who the heck is this girl?

Part 3: Breath of Fire II Walkthrough - Gimme a Chance

Subtract enemy Vigor from your own, and you’ll get the following run chances…

-33 or less: 8/64
-32 to -9: 10/64
-8 to -1: 16/64
0 to 7: 22/64
8 to 15: 28/64
16-31: 32/64
32-55: 36/64
56-95: 40/64
96-143: 44/64
144-199: 48/64
200-255: 52/64
256-511: 30/64 (Nitrodon can’t begin to guess why)

Check your current HP, and see if it’s more than 70% of your max HP:
more than 70% HP: +0%
70% or less: +40%

Finally, you will gain an additional multiplier (or penalty) depending on where the invisible clock is at (updates every 8 minutes).

0: -5%
1-63: +0%
64-127: +5%
128-191: +10%
192-255: +30%

Want to keep track of the above numbers? Take the values from the following table, and add them to your party’s average Luck (the clock changes at the same time as your party Condition, so it’s possible to keep track without RAM Watch… If you really want to):

0: 32
4: 32
8: 96
12: 96
16: 160
20: 224
24: 160
28: 96

This, of course, is a whole lot of words for “running is really hard, and should not be bothered with, except for when noted below” .


Walk outside and go up to the upper-left to talk to Kilgore
Talk to Bosch inside your room
– BUY: Up to x9 Herbs
– STORE: All your remaining Zenny.
Safety save; it’s gonna get rough.
Take Bosch to Township

Avoid the statue; It’s better to respawn at HomeTown/Newhaven

Force an encounter by the bridge
Fight one big enemy or any number of Tetsi Flies; run from two big enemies.
– Buy more Herbs if you die and respawn at Newhaven.

Go into the Pub and talk to bartender to make it night time
Talk to Rand (the big grey guy)
Go upstairs and get a Smoke from the bottom drawer
Go into the Inn just next door
– Skip the Inn; Herbs heal almost all your HP, and only cost 8z to the Inn’s 20z
Snag Clothing & Herb from the drawers upstairs
– BUY: Up to x9 Herbs; Also an Antidote, if you used one on the way
– SELL: Clothing & Smoke
– RETRIEVE: All your stored Zenny, if the sum will be 855z or more. Otherwise, leave inside.
Go to the Church, and snag a 10th Herb from the top drawer
Try to Donate till your total Zenny (including what’s in the bank) is 855z or more
Save your game (don’t need to reset upon death; this is just for respawning)
– TRADE: Ranger Suit & Bronze Helm


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Oh, the horrors of Coursair! Crazy hillbillies! Feral catgirls! Full frontal assault! And the most dreaded foe of all… RNG! How will Ryu survive all this? Find out, today!

Part 4: Breath of Fire Walkthrough - Lethal Dose (Baba to Augus)

Special thanks for giving me permission to use it!
(You can find more of せいはち’s work online, at a Japanese website called Pixiv! It’s basically the Japanese equivalent of Deviant Art.)

Recording this episode was a mess, as a pretty large chunk of the original audio was unusable, due to terrible static leaking through. I stitched it all together as best I could in post-production, but I missed a spot at 3:35 & 9:01. Sorry :frowning: .


50% Defend, 50% Spark/Flare (even if out of AP)

50% Miss, 50% Critical

Cure 1 the one missing the most HP, with ties going to the latest slot. Attack if no one is hurt, or they’re out of AP.[/quote]

BABA/BUNYAN AI (Counter-Attacks):
Unknown (will add later)

KATT/LIN AI (50% Crit Rate):
Unknown (will add later)

AUGUS/ARGUS AI (Attacks twice per round):

[quote]Attack #1:
50% Attack Slot 1, 50% BuildUp (2.5x Damage to the next attack)

Attack #2:
Always attack if BuildUp’s active. Otherwise…
62.5% Attack Randomly, 25% Cure 1, 12.5% Buildup[/quote]

Wake/Rouse will never revive the same ally twice in the same fight (just as allies cannot revive themselves twice). Otherwise, its success rate relies mostly on Rand’s Guts/Will stat. The table is as follows:

0 Flame(s): 128/256
1 Flame(s): 136/256
2 Flame(s): 144/256
3 Flame(s): 152/256
4 Flame(s): 160/256
5 Flame(s): 172/256
6 Flame(s): 184/256
7 Flame(s): 192/256

Add 3/256 for every Guts flame the target has.

Check BSiron’s FAQ on GameFAQs for player character attacks (“AttackbyPlayerCharacter”):
Enemy attacks are the same, except their final Damage is modified like so (after all other steps):

This formula, along with BSiron’s Damage tables, are how I knew Katt/Lin’s critical hits could do 10-30 Damage.


Make sure you have at least x10 Herbs, x1 Antidote, and all the best gear
Save your game at the Church, so you can deathwarp back.

Go up to Tagzi Woods.

Tagzi Woods:
Head straight to Bunyan
Auto everything except for Bugbear encounters with a Maneater or Harpy. Run from those.
– You can also attempt to crit & counter Harpies, if you’re in Great Condition.

VS. Bunyan (169 HP):
He can counter, and can also do up to 14 Damage with each hit. He’s also slower, however, so plan accordingly.

Deathwarp (re-equip the Bandana inside a battle to lower Defense)

Talk to Rand again, inside the pub
– BUY: Up to x9 Herbs and x5 Antidotes (x6 Herbs & x2 Antidotes is sufficient)
Go up to the Colosseum, go into the right room, then take the left door

VS. HR Director (160 HP):

Heal with Herbs, then Sort your inventory
Talk to Argus, then SAVE YOUR GAME
IGNORE THE CHEST until Rand tells you to give him your money
Snag the 1000z now that Rand’s not taking it, then fight Lin!

VS. Lin (220 HP):
Heal whenever you’re hurt; She has a 50% chance to crit each turn, and can do up to 30 Damage

– BUY: Hexa Staff, Catsuit, Iron Band, & Bronze Helm
Fully equip Lin (you’re keeping all her original stuff)

VS. Argus (680 HP): Scatter
Equip the Bronze Helm on Rand
Ryu & Lin attack every turn, while Rand preemptively heals Ryu

Argus charging on his 2nd Action means BOTH attacks next turn will be boosted. Switch to Normal, then Defend with Ryu if this happens.

IF RYU DIES: Rand uses Wake/Rouse on him immediately
IF KATT/LIN DIES: Let her stay down till Augus is two attacks away from death. After that, you can decide whether or not to revive her.

Wake/Rouse has a little more than a 50% chance of working when totaling Rand’s current Guts stat with Lin’s, so it’s likely to work. Still, Augus could always do something nasty with Crits + Buildup. It’s your choice.

IF YOU WIPE: Just try again. It’s only a short walk, and you should’ve spent everything on Katt’s equipment beforehand.

Remove Rand’s Bronze Helm IMMEDIATELY!!

None, this time.

And now the burning question… Just how insane is this fight WITHOUT Lin? Find out, today!

Bonus #1: Breath of Fire II Walkthrough - Lin is Poisoned!

Say what you want about the difficulty curve; The character designs are beyond reproach :blush: .

Part 5: Breath of Fire II Walkthrough - Clean Hit (Joker)

Special thanks for giving me permission to use it!
(You can find more of せいはち’s work online, at a Japanese website called Pixiv! It’s basically the Japanese equivalent of Deviant Art.)


Solo Hood/Thug:
Always attack

P.Spider/Black Widow:
1/64 defend
Otherwise: 193/256 Poison Attack, 63/256 Attack

If x1-2 are dead, there’s a 25% chance of calling for another Thug, after the 1st action of the turn.
If x3 are dead, this increases to a 37.5% chance.
Either way, this can be done up to 16 times (which is why the Firecracker is so desirable)

[Hoods are supposed to be able to heal themselves and each other with Herb, and also gang up on whichever party member has less HP. Two bugs make this impossible.]

1/64 defend
Otherwise: 65/256 Psn.Chop/Miasma, 191/256 Attack
[Psn.Chop/Miasma is the same as a regular Attack, except it targets everyone, and has a chance of poisoning each person it hits]


Remove Rand’s Bronze Helm IMMEDIATELY!!
Roll on to Nero’s House for sequence triggers!

– This is for deathwarping later.
Head back to Newhaven

Do cutscenes at magic school, then go to Mt. Rocco

Mt. Rocco:
Auto the Thug
Answer anything but “Payne” to the guy that quizzes you, then Auto
Switch Ryu to the front before checking the hole
Auto the battle until Lin’s in danger; she’s more fragile than Ryu
Take 4 steps in the next room, then heal Ryu
Skip the treasure for now, and keep going up
Auto the lone Thug
Firecracker the x4 Thug group!
– You’ll enjoy a full party heal right before…

VS. Joker (580 HP): Scatter
Herbs with everyone when he uses Psn.Chop/Miasma (~25% Chance to do so)
– Miasma does normal melee Damage, just to everyone in the party, while attempting to poison. Ryu may be able to delay healing, since he’s bulky
– Everyone outspeeds, so you’ll be fine.
Spam Frost with Nina, since he’s weak to it

Get all the treasure you skipped before on the way out (100z, Silver Knife, Lucky Charm, & 1000z)
Only Ryu should attack the Will o’ Wisps & Ghouls, once he has the Silver Knife
Nina should more-or-less just Defend, since none of her spells are quite strong enough to OHKO.


Will post once I get the ability to post more than one image.