The House Of The Dead 1 & 2

Oh boy, oh boy, oh undead boy!

A HotD 1&2 remake for Switch? Yes, please! I adore these games (I have the first (Japanese version) for Saturn and HotD 2&3 Return still hits the Wii often). Happy to see the return of the first. A full remake was the only way to go, since the source code was lost in the sands of time.

I wonder what they’ll change beside graphics. Tilt-controls? Pointer-controls? Button-controls? (Which, unlike popular belief, work just fine for the HotD and Virtua Cop-games) All of them? Voice acting that doesn’t make your ears bleed?

I think the originals are still best. 3 was very good. 4 was okay. I played Scarlet Dawn in arcades last week. Looks very good, but plays underwhelming IMO.