Switch gets an update (8.0.0)

So Switch got updated to version 8.0.0, and it brings some interresting features, like the ability to zoom, save transfer, new icons some extra options and most importantly for me, finally to ability to sort your library alphabetically! Heavenly!

Oh, and there’s a tab now that takes you directly to the redownload section a eShop. Nice! :slight_smile:

Now, if we only could get folders and some more/customisable themes.

Yea I really like the sort function… especially when the library gets so big. I mean how can I remember when I’ve last played it to know where the game exactly is. So thanks a lot Nintendo for the sort function!

Yeah the update brought some nice changes. Nothing mind blowing but still good.

The zoom function is really cool. I like it.

The sort function is also not bad but i don’t really understand why i can’t just sort my games how i want. I mean even if i sort them now it changes back anyway. Weird ^^’