Switch game regrets

Every day more and more games are added to the line up of game available on the Nintendo Switch and some terrible games have appeared , I am look at you Arc…

Which games do you regret buting if any? What games do you recommend people stay clear of?

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Toe Jam amd Earl Back In The Groove is more of the same. I wish they would have pushed themselves to keep the elements of the originals but push themselves. It’s very lazy and expensive

Rocket League for me. I never really got into it while online was free and I didn’t realize it required NSO, so really wish i hadn’t fell for the hype and looked into more before buying.

Doom 2016 on switch
I don’t really care if the majority of people praise the port.
In a nutshell: if it looks exactly like the original with no performance issues, then port it, otherwise don’t.

Yea because why play a portable version of a great game if you have to go down to 30 FPS and lose same graphical goodness. ■■■■ Panic Button for their efforts…I love Doom on the Switch. I own it on the PC and PS4 as well

Do you not have NSO I can help

Then I take it you don’t want any third party support for the switch? I don’t play many third party games myself but I don’t think that because they have to take a hit in some areas such as being 30fps or having the the graphics lowered should affect a game being ported.

I think that games such as doom 2016 look great considering that the switch is less powerful that the Xbox 1 and PS4 and Panic button did an amazing job.

At the end of the day people should know by now that if you choose a nintendo system you wont get current gen graphics, I personally play nintendo games for things such as the story or the fun game play.

If I want amazing graphics and 60fps all the time them I would buy another company’s console.

I did get it from the Twitch Prime promo giving a free year. Thanks though.

At the end of the day people should know by now that if you choose a nintendo system you wont get current gen graphics, I personally play nintendo games for things such as the story or the fun game play.

And there you summed that up. I completely agree gameplay > graphics always.

However, if you want to play games to their full capacity (4k res, 60fps, ect…) you would play on a different system or a PC, right?

or am I wrong again? Do you want to defend what you said?

So you own three copies of a “$60 or above” game, yet you go on about how $60 games are too expensive?

literal hypocrite, but that’s to be expected from an american

Yes, if you want to play a game to a game that supports 4k and 60fps then, by all means, play on a different system that’s not a problem.

What I don’t agree with is when you said:

If there are issues like screen tear or slowdown then yes they shouldn’t bother with a release until they fix the issue, but thinking a game should not be ported because it doesn’t have the same graphics as a more powerful console or a PC or because they aren’t 30fps I don’t agree with that.

At the end of the day, you have your opinion and I have my own.

I think your reading comprehension skills may be subpar. I didn’t complain that $60 is to much for a game my post was asking physical game fans if they were willing to pay more for physical games if they had to raised the price to fit the entire game on a cart

To be honest I get the feeling this guy is here to just cause arguments. He recently updated his introduction post saying he is done with the forums.

If he was here just to cause arguments then good riddance in my opinion.

I’m not here to cause arguements, but yeah I’m pretty much done with this forum as you said.

I paid up to $130 aud for the special edition of link’s awakening (retails at $89 aud for the standard version) and it pisses me off when I hear people complaining about how $60 usd is too expensive as I said. It’s basically a slap in the face for people in other countries who have dearer prices.

Obviously, this is just my opinion, but being the sheep that people are complaining about $60+ games is even worse.

Anyway, I’m pretty much done here, you can delete my account, spam my inbox with hate if you want. Don’t really care.

Enjoy your dying forum.

ok, so you’re doing a 360 on your answer, not suprised

I don’t complain about prices, I also have to pay more for things such as special editions as I have to get them all imported to me and I can’t complain as thats all part of being an expat in the country I have chosen to live in.

Also Steven_Smith isn’t back tracking on what he said, his original post in the topic you are going on about is asking people like me who only buy physical when they can, I imagine he came up with this question when you get games like Starlink. I bought it physical at launch and all you can do in the game with out its required download is until you are repair your flight engines.

He wasn’t complaining at all about the games being $60 being expensive.

No one will delete your account as there are no active Admin or mods 9 guessing they gave up before the forums started)

And as for flooding your inbox with hate spam not my thing personally as I don’t hate you in fact I would hope you would stay here because as you pointed out the forums are dying and we need active members here but in my opinion any way most of your post seem to in a tone which seems to want to start arguments, if thats just your writing style and I am just taking it the wrong way then I apologise about that, but with how others have responded to you i get the feeling they feel they same way I do.

Anyway I do hope you choose to stick around as we need active people, and why I may not agree with your opinions all the time its not something I would create hate over.

He never addressed how the minimum wage in Australia is over double than of the United States. So the cost of his games may seem expensive but in comparison he’s actually ahead

Fast RMX back in 2017 :sob:

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. I’ve only had it on the Wii so all the kart building with the glider is confusing and has not really been explained to me as I start the game. Got it during E3 for 20 dollars off so not that upset just wishing I hadn’t decided this was the best of the games on sale to purchase.

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