Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

So since we got a big trailer today for 3.0 and we haven’t had a topic yet i thought i made one.

What were your impressions of the trailer? I thought i was almost a little direct. The stage builder and video editor blew me away. They looked really great.
Also the new feature for the smartphone app looked pretty good actually. Maybe it will be good by the year 2030 XD

Aaaand Joker! Man he lookes great. Can’t wait to try him out.
The only thing i didn’t like to much was the new stage but i haven’t played Persona 5 yet so maybe i am just missing something ^^’

And since we haven’t had a topic yet what are your mains in smash?
Mine are Pikachu and Pokemon Trainer

I like the mii and level sharing I can’t wait to see what the truly creative make. My main in Pink Luigi or King K Rool

And this is only part 1 with 4 to go I bet Target test and Homerun contest will come with future updates.

I haven’t unlocked many fighters in Smash yet as I’m bad at the game and don’t play much. I find the controls a bit obtuse so I just sort of flail around the screen. Maybe a pro controller would help? mainly been playing as Shiek so far but would love to main Joker.

I only play with Pro Controller except for handheld use of course. The Joycons are fine but for a fast precise moving game like Smash i prefer the Pro.

I tried Joker but i am just not very good with him yet. Other people online just destroyed me :sweat_smile:
Well gotta keep on practicing.

Still i have to say that was a update that was well worth the price. Really curious what comes next

I really like heavy characters, currently maining King K Rool, which DLC characters could they do that would be a heavy?

My thoughts like on King Hippo (Punch-Out) and Dr.Robtnik (Sonic) but Banjo (since he’s literally a bear) could be a heavy too.

Maybe the Heavy from Team Fortress 2? XD

Nah just kidding i like the Dr. Robotnik idea. I think it’s kinda sad that he is not in the game but other big bads like Dr. Willy or Bowser are.

I also wonder how Master Chief would play if he would get into the game. I mean his armor is rather heavy but then again he is really strong and i believe in later games he had a jetpack? Not sure about that though

I’m not sure Skull Kid would be a character since there is a Mii Costume already

I think Banjo is almost a guarantee at this point, but also I think Steve from Minecraft has a strong possibility. I would love to see Dr. Robotnic (Eggman)

I also love the goofy characters and I have been taking a liking to heavy characters. I think Banjo would make a good heavy so Eggman probably won’t be a character but one can hope. Edrick has been basically confirmed which bums me out because the Fire Emblem characters have kind of killed my want of anymore Anime characters with swords

He got added to Brawhala so I think the chances are slim now