Super Mario Maker 2 Course Share

Got Super Mario Maker 2? Do you make courses? Why not share them here for all to enjoy or to get feedback on a work in progress.

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Ok to kick things off here is my first ever course, its short but I hope it is slightly difficult.


I’m not really into making courses as much as playing courses so I will give yours a try

Give this one a go its my hardest one yet I hope, Goomba’s and well timed spin jumps are key to beating this course:


Let me know what you think :grinning:
Google response for Super Mario Maker 2, FC sharing and course ID sharing

To view FC

? You wanting us to use this for sharing courses? the message isn’t clear bar it being a google response.

Here is my first 3 i have big plans for the 4th one so be ready all.

  1. RVB_B5C_XMG
  2. Y1N_06S_VXF
  3. 1H8_W4H_VBG

Feed back is welcome but please be gentle. LOL

Dessert Cave, ca nyou make it to the end?


Ill have a new one tomorrow stay tuned.