Starlink crimson moon

When and how much are these new weapons pilots and ships going to cost? I hear there is a bundle for this like last time but still no info on eshop this morning. (Eastern U.S.) 8:10 am. Hoping for cheaper than $60 for new bundle.

The new ships with pilots are £11.99 in the U.K. The bundle for everything is £30ish the 3 new Star fox pilots cost the £11.99 and all you get are Flaco, Slippy and Peppy no weapons with it. Not sure about the prices in $ though sorry

So get it it all it 30 plus 12 for starfox dlc in U.S. is close to same 45 50 dollars for e erything isnt bad. I glad to hear this thank you for the response.

Is the starfox dlc and other pilots weapons ships up now for order?? Last i checked 2 hours ago is wasnt up is eastern time zone

I think the Starfox pilots come in the get it all deal not sure

it is a really good game, i have 5 ships, 6 characters, and 10 weapons i’m pretty good.

the biggest pain though is having to keep every planet safe

I never played this game but I thing that I’m gonna try it these days. It seems really cool.
Mini Militia App Lock

It’s pretty exciting game, I gotta say.