Saints Row the Third - The Full Package Discussion and First Impressions

Comes out Friday I have it pre-installed who else is getting this old school gem?

I already got it on GOG so i pass on this one. It is a great game though. I kind of like the fourth game more but that’s just me ^^

If someone likes GTA with very whacky humor then this game is for you.

I forget does it have online multiplayer?

I don’t really know. I don’t play such games for online play. I just like going berserk in a virtual city and do some missions ^^’

Maybe i download it these days to check

First major patch was released this morning for Saint’s Row. I haven’t had to time to mess around with it yet to say if it improved it’s numerous bugs and glitches but here’s hoping. It’s a fun, over the top game, but it launched badly. An Xbox 360 game should always run as good, if not loads better on the Switch. The Switch has oodles of more power than a 360.