Purchasing from NintendoSoup and lack of communication

I pre-ordered Romancing Saga 3 physical version for the Switch on 01/10/2020 with the release date scheduled for 01/24/2020, that date has been and gone and I have not received any emails about my order being shipped.

I messaged NintendoSoup using the site’s contact page earlier last week to enquire about my order and have not got a response.

Has anyone recently purchased anything from this site and go their orders delivered, what was your experience like and should I wait longer or try to get a refund?

Any feedback is appreciated.

To be honest I think yo made a mistake buying from Nintendo Soup, I have heard this many times now about their lack of contact with customers.

You won’t hear from them here either they abandoned this place the just after they launched the forums.

All I can suggest is dming a staff member by finding them using the users section if the forums.

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There is a bit of an update on my delivery, I finally received an email yesterday saying that my order was sent and a tracking number was provided.

When I tracked my order online I found that the game actually arrived in my country on the 5th February and the last update was on the 8th February where it is currently being processed at the sorting center.

I am hoping to finally receive my game within the next few weeks, I will post here when I do get it, but I agree with you when you said that it was a mistake buying from Nintendo Soup and with such poor communication I will not purchase anything from here again.

EDIT: I finally got my order today (15th Feb), but I had to pay an import fee to get it delivered.

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