Pokemon Sword & Shield Direct Discussion

Pokemon Sword and Shield Direct

Wow a ton of information was dumped on up eager fans! What stuck out to you? Mine top surprise was the online multiplayer raids! WTH?

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It looks like the Wild Area will allow online multiplayer, so maybe besides raid battles online you can battle other players, trade and communicate in this area.

I am hoping pokemon will be in the overworld in all areas not just in the Wild Area even though that is most likely.

I think in the towns the Pokemon will be hanging out and helping in the town (think Detective Pikachu movie). In the Wild area (the overworld between towns) Pokemon, NPCs and Live Players will be roaming around. It looked like the Pokemon will be roaming around freely and visibly just like the Let’s Go games which was awesome.

Nov 15th is the official release date! Double pack physical and digital editions also will be available

By the look of it they were only visable in the otherworld in the Wild Area but I hope I am wrong this is gonna be a digital and physical purchase for me.

Gonna buy one physical and get it imported to me here in China, while the other I will buy digital to play while I wait for the physical one.

Why do you have to import it?

The Switch isnt out in China yet so I have to import any game I buy physical.

Yeah you probably should move on from Pokémon because if that direct didn’t excite you then nothing probably will. Gamefreak knows their audience and it works well

Cool thanks for input but seriously tons of us are still happy with what had been shown already. There is probably some game out there that who’s satisfy your needs so it’s time for you to hang up your Pokémon towel and head off into the sunset. The Switch is a beautiful system full of great 1st, 2nd and 3rd party games you just might have dig a bit deeper to find something that fully interests you

BOTW was fun but it lacked focus and it became the first Zelda game I never finished since the original. Also this is their first main line game on consoles. I am sure 30 yrs from now they will make their BOTW

The problem is that a lot of pokemon fans are never happy.

People cried out for change, we got trails instead of gyms and they didnt like it.

If they made the game fully open world people would still complain that its too different.

I think that the next generation will be fully open world but this is the mid-point between the old and the new.

Personally I love how they look and cant wait to play them, I wasnt sure after the first direct but as soon as the music started in this one I became my 7 year oldself again reading about these amazing games called red and blue coming out soon in a magazine.

At the end of the day gamefreak are never gonna make every pokemon fan happy.

Something to also keep in mind is comparing what Nintendo was able to pull of with BOTW against Pokemon Sword and Shield isn’t fair. BOTW was made by Nintendo EPD which has a combined number of employees of 800. Game Freak has around 143. So unless you want to wait other 5 yrs for a mainline Pokemon game you have to tamper you expectations considering they don’t have much home console experience either.

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