Pokemon Sword and Shield League Card Code Trades

Discuss League Card Code Trade offers on this page if you want to trade them with others! My League Card Code is 0000 0000 TW71 B6.

My code is 0000 0005 DL7R TY

0000 0004 0MF8 XM is mine

Forgive me lord: 0000 0008 DFJ9 8C

Idk what you get for doing it so: 0000 0002 CDT8 WT

I’ve used all of the trainer codes here but some don’t work. Here’s mine: 0000 0000 WWM4 21

My code is 0000 0003 6755 WJ :blush:

my code is 0000 0004 J75L 7G

I’ve beaten the whole game and extra story so I’m basically free whenever I’m on so why not have my super rare card and add me as friend! (Card: 0000-0004-R2WT-XV) and my Switch friend code is: SW-3242-9329-9413. I’m basically shiny hunting at this rate. Oh and the name’s Nikki btw.

Add me 3023-2490-9151

Here’s mine: 0000 0004 V1DX9B

I just got my switch set up today so I don’t have a lot of Pokémon but my card code is 0000 0007 K1RR WN

Just got Pokémon sword on Christmas. My code is 0000 0007 PX8J TH

Excited to see all the cute trainer cards!

Mine is 0000 0004 1KY3 25

Lawt jesus,let’s see what this does…
0000 0004 V1M8 JB

My code is 0000 0002 7WP9 VC

0000 0007 MYXP FT is mine.

0000 0002 PWG8 5X is mine

My code is 0000 0000 LDFT J3

0000 0002 B6B6 T7 is mine