Pokemon Sword and Shield DLC Discussion

Now that we know a lot more about the new DLCs coming out for Sword and Shield (Isle of Armor and Crown Tundra), what are your guy’s opinions on these two DLCs? I know these games have had some controversy around them because of no national dex, but I do think that GameFreak is trying to fix the mistakes that they made. What do you guys think about the DLC in general or the new legendaries?

Mistakes? No, the limited Dex was a good move. It gave actual uniqueness to the region in way that hasn’t been felt since Black/White (or especially Ruby/Sapphire) and adds actual value to these DLC as well. In addition it allowed an even slightly new metagame to develop for the first time in a very long time!

But, as to the DLC themselves, looks to be quite interesting! Quite excited that they are adding the ability to unlock G-max directly at all!

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I was thinking of it more like the community views the national dex not being included as a mistake. Personally, I don’t mind, either way, I play them I like them no matter what. I do agree that adding in pokemon to these DLC helps add a certain value to them.

What do you think about the new legendary variants? I think the legendary birds look stunning, but I think that the new Regis look a little awkward. I still love them though.

(Also, you just referencing Ruby/Sapphire just put me in my feels so much. That is by far my favorite genreation)

I am hoping for more Galarian forms to collect, and also to be able to catch some other pokemon with different forms as deerling as I have completed a living dex of all the pokemon in home and I want to collect all the forms now which is hard as certain forms are not available besides trade anymore (deerling, Vivillion ect).

Also more G-max pokemon as all current G-max pokemon have been released besides Melmetal.

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I didn’t even think of that! Now I hope they add more forms too. I think the main thing I want is more Galatia’s forms and more Pokémon added because I got a living Dex in Shield, but I’d love to expand it even further and hopefully one day get to a living dex in Home

I rushed the living dex to get the original colour Magerna which was on offer if you completed the living dex with in the first month I think it was

So now that we know what was in the presentation, I’m so excited about Pokemon Snap. Its something that I didn’t know I needed, until I saw it. It looks SOOO PRETTY.

I agree, I’m so excited about Pokemon Snap too!
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I thought that the graphics looked so good! Im looking forward to seeing the different interactions that the different Pokemon have with each other, especially because the N64 one only featured Gen 1 Pokemon.

Just writing this is making me really excited!