Pokemon Sword and Shield Discussion


Hi guys. Lets discuss about the new Pokemon core game

  • Titles: Pokemon Sword & Pokemon Shield (SwSh)
  • Release Date: November/December 2019
  • Platform: Nintendo Switch
  • Region: Galar
  • Starters:
  1. Scorbunny (Fire Type)
  2. Sobble (Water Type)
  3. Grookey (Grass Type)

Some questions

  1. Weather (Rain, Snow, Sun, Wind, Rainstorm, Sandstorm, etc)
  2. Time (Day/Night Cycle)
  3. Seasons(Spring, Summer, Spring, Winter)
  4. The new evolutions of Eevee
  5. New type of Pokemon
  6. New mechanics
  7. How many and what new Generation 8 Pokemons
  8. Old gens Pokemons in Galar (How many and which)
  9. Starters final form
  10. Cloud backup

Lets add more to the list :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey :slight_smile:
Thank you for posting the list.
About Gen 8 – my theory is that they will give evolutions to certain underrated Pokemon from previous generations.
What do you guys think?

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I need an evolution for Snorlax lol

Or a new evolution for Riachu


True! Those would be awesome!!!
I would like to see a new evolution for shuckle too.


I’m sort of hoping mega evolutions come back and we get some new ones. I would like arcanine, floatzel and zoroark to have one. I think they should show some love to gen 5 and 6 Pokemon too as there weren’t many of them available in gen 7.


I really don’t see how “cloud backup” is going to work again here, without the risk of abuse.

Online requirements for trading/battling can be a plus feature, but should not be “enforced” or it breaks small kids just trying to trade pokemon on the streets.

This then runs back to the question of how to then safely backup the saves :frowning:


It probably won’t have cloud back up. Let’s go Pokemon didn’t.


I have a completely unrealistic wish for the game and that is that they would change the battle system a little bit.
I would like if it would have some quick time event style minigames for some attacks like Paper Mario has for example.
The normal turn based battle system is ok, but i am a little tired of it.

More realistic wishes: New Eeveelution, new fossils (maybe a Raptor like Pokemon?), and a substantial endgame.

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I want a mega evolution for Riachu


I am sure it will use Pokebank


I would like some baby level mons for some pokemon such as lapras, I know its a game but how can a pokemon the size of lapras hatch out of an egg which can be carried?

I would like to be able to use the pokeball plus , not as a requirement but an option for those who got it free when they bought Mew.

Pokemon bank or something similar is a given.

I would love for it to be slightly open world, even have more than 8 gyms and you can choose which 8 you go to for your badges and the ones left over can be battled after the E4


I am hoping gyms make a return. The island challenges were fun but I’ve always enjoyed the wacky design of gym interiors. Having more areas to explore of to the side would be fun instead of feeling like you’re being driven down a linear path would be good. Playing ultra moon I was a little frustrated with how little of the routes I was able to explore till the 3/4 th island. I want to be able to control the camera. Pokemon regions are gorgeous and I would like to appreciate it.

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I just hope they add some postgame content that’s more than just another battle tower and I hope they actually make it easy to level up to level 100 after beating the game. Sun and Moon was terrible when it came to this, and USUM didn’t do alot for it either. I didn’t enjoy catching legendaries by having to do a terrible minigame.

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more post game conent would be amazing, maybe an island unlocks which you can explore, or a new story which leads you on a new quest around the reigion.

I dont want it to be like Lets go with only master trainers.

Maybe every so often you get a message about a challenger at the pokemon league and you have to go back to defend your title, not fight the whole elite 4 again tilo do it but just fly to the champions room to face them or maybe a quest to build a safari zone, in which you have to talk to certain npcs to build it then rare pokemon from other regions appear and you have to catch them to stock the safari zone.


I think online co-op and couch co-op is a must anymore with this series, especially after Pokemon Let’s Go showed how much fun it could be (couch co-op). However unlike Let’s Go, let’s actual increase the difficulty when you are working with a friend so it doesn’t become a breeze lol.

I would love a design clothing option for the Pokemon (think Animal Crossing) where I could draw designs on the touch screen for a shirt my Pikachu could wear.

I think if they added an additional thing to collect and play online, like the Trading Card game that would be cool too.

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Post game content that isn’t a handful of 3-minute side quests would be great. I’d also like online daily challenges. You could check-in daily, complete the tasks listed and then check-in to claim prizes(free ultra balls, stones, evolutionary items, etc.) Maybe have a monthly bigger prize that requires a certain number of challenges to be completed, and then it rewards it to you at the end of the month. Something like that I guess?
And more clothing options, I need fashion in my life. Lol


I dont agree with 2 player couch multiplayer. It kinda worked in in Lets go but made the game too easy. If S&S had it that would mean the game would have to boost the levels of the npc pokemon to make it fair but if you called for p2 during a fight it wouldnt work or even if it did it before a fight and the pokemon got a lvl boost its still 2v1.

Same with catching pokemon, what stops you from using 2 joycon to throw 2 pokeballs ato get a bonus to catch that low catch rate pokemon? 2 player worked in lets go as it wasnt a true mainline game and it was a much moreaid back game.

Maybe you could have a 2 player arena mode in which you battle each other using 1 switch using the person whos game it is pokemon or have a small lets go area where you can play 2 player but it wouldnt affect the game.

I enjoyed lets go, but after finishing my living dex I havent played it since and while it was fun to be able to play lets go with my son and daughter, I wouldnt want that option in Sword and Shield, its a feature that should stay exclusive to the Lets go games, as we kno there will be more as lets go sold so well.


It’s just an option though. If you didn’t want to do it in the mainline game no one is forcing you to. I think online co-op would be great. Or maybe if they had a Safari Zone where you connect online and could see your friends and others walking around a big area catching Pokemon and trading.


I agree with the Safari zone area. An online hub where you can interact with players to battle and trade on a island or something would be great, just as long as it was closed off from the rest of the game. But at the end of the day thats just my opinion I’m sure many people feel the same way about it as you do but sadly I am just an old sick in the mud:grin:


I think another cool idea is if you could have your own ranch area. Where you could let your Pokemon you are not using roam in an enclosed area or build special housing for them on your ranch. They could breed and level up naturally. It would be neat if this area was again a separate area that could have online. It would be a fun way to share your collection and trade with friends.