Pick Ups - What did you all recently get or are getting soon

I wanted to get Muse Dash, it looks like my style, but I didn’t think it would be so expensive. Even with that launch discount, it still costs more than Cadence of Hyrule. I might try it out if it drops down to 20$ though.

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I got Cadence of Hyrule recently, sadly its take a back seat to SMM2 lol will get back to it one day though

I am picking up Fire Emblem and Astral Chain on Wednesday. Currently playing through Dragon Quest Builders 2, and Wolfenstein Youngblood

Astral Chain? doesn’t it release at the end of August?

I am planning on buying Fire Emblem, I recently bought South Park the Stick Of Truth on sale on the Eshop, It was fun to play but it was really short.

I got fire emblem. It’s awesome.
Also picked up MUA3 for a bit of light hearted dungeon crawling mindless action to offset FE

Yes Astral Chain releases Aug 30th, however on the eshop they allow you to prepurchase and preinstall it now. Which I did, along with Daemon X Machina (Sep 14th). I have had MUA3 since launch @DuskformLycanroc and I plan on getting Fire Emblem soon. I actually planned on getting it before I got Daemon X Machina but I felt like Machina needed more love. I also pre-ordered the neon purple and orange joy-cons and the Daemon X Machina Super Big joy-cons.

On next Wednesday (my next payday) I plan on getting the New Switch with the bigger battery

I have changed my mind about Daemon X Machina, at first I wasn’t sure about it but now I will pick it up just after its release, I have Astral Chain on pre-order, ordered the Hong Kong version so should only take a few days to get to me after release and it works out to be about £10 cheaper than if I bought while visiting the UK.

I am not tempted by the switch revision tbh, I just picked up a 40k mAH power bank so I don’t really need it just for a better battery ( I know the custom Tegra chip is meant to be better but still not enough for me to buy one) I may pick up a switch lite IF the ability to transfer save data between the systems is quick and easy.

A plus of living in China is they are cheap to buy one TaoBao, they are £30 cheaper than if I bought one in the UK and I am considering getting a grey one or waiting to get the Pokemon one in November but will wait and see as it may be too small for my hands.

The benefit of the Switch refresh is you don’t have to bring a huge honking battery with you. If you are playing more than 5 to 9 hrs in between docking it that’s crazy