Pick Ups - What did you all recently get or are getting soon

Let’s talk about any games you all picked up recently.

Tomorrow I’ll be buying Shakedown Hawaii, Box Boy and Box Girl and The Swords of Ditto

I recently bought Phoenix Wright and My time at Portia. I am planning on getting the LABO VR kit when I get paid, and I also want to get Final Fantasy X & X-2 at some point in the near future.

If you are picking up Labo VR for Zelda I would recommend against it.

This week’s pickups are:
Saints Row The Third
Shakedown Hawaii

I’m eyeing up:
Steam world quest
Katana Zero

From recent releases. Few more games on my wish list but I’m leaving it as I haven’t played my switch much recently. Not since world next door released.

Get Katana Zero for sure great game and crazy story

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I recently bought:

Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe
Final Fantasy X/X-2
Final Fantasy XII
Lost Child

So the game Liar Princess and the blind Prince was on sale recently and i got it.
It’s a nice little game. Feels like reading a picture book.

I am happy with my purchase but the normal price of 20 bucks is way to much in my opinion.

I was looking at that game but couldn’t pull the trigger. How much was it on sale for? I am waiting for Shakedown Hawaii to go on sale tomorrow

I got it for 14,99 €
Was still a little bit much, but for me the price was ok since i watched some reviews beforehand and knew what i was getting.

I am curious about your first impressions of Shakedown Hawaii. Maybe you could post them here? ^^

Totally I’ll make a discussion topic on it

I have saints row the third preinstalled for it’s Friday release

Dead or Alive Xtreme 3: Scarlet and Senran Kagura: Peach Ball

Peach Ball is getting a western release this Summer

I got The Lost Child off the eshop because it looked like a clone of Shin Megami Tensei, but it was 50$ to start and went on sale for half off, so I finally took the plunge. So far it’s a pretty decent dungeon crawling rpg that just keeps giving me more customization options for my party. I’m enjoying it, but I still have yet to really see how they tried to charge 50$ for this game.

If you like Dungeon Crawlers I would take a look at the recently released The Swords of Ditto

I do that often when I buy an intense game is I buy a mellow game too

I pre-purchased and preinstalled Mario Maker 2 and Dragon Quest Builders 2

Mittens I sent you a pm

If you live in the US it wont, I believe that the Stylus is a Europe exclusive pre-order bonus.

I pre-purchased My Friend Pedro. Devolver Digital may be my favorite gaming company ever. Ape Out and Katana Zero are among two of my favorite games this year