Pheonix Wright Triology physical edition question

Hey people!

A few days ago I ordered the Japanese physical version of Phoenix Wright on Switch, It arrived yesterday, I have a few Japanese version of Switch games and never had an issue but with Pheonix Wright for some reason I can’t claim the gold points when I try it says “You cannot collect My Nintendo points for this software yet.” I was wondering if anyone r who got it physical has had the same issue and know what the issue is. If I can’t claim the points it’s not a big deal as it would be a low amount anyway but I am just curious as to why it won’t work with this one game.

Hmm, I’ve imported Okami from Japan, but I don’t know if I claimed the golden points. I’m pretty sure it works with US-imports, me being a Europelander.

I’ll check with my copy of Okami and I’ll report back!

My copy of Bayonetta 1 & 2 were imported from Japan and they claimed the gold points fine, even with nintendo games I have imported( Pokemon Let’s go from Hong Kong, Mario Kart 8DX from Japan) points have been claimed with no issue, I am from the U.K so mainly use the UK eShop and not had any issue before claiming with the UK eShop, which make this even more strange.

Maybe it’s because the other games have uk physical but this one doesn’t.

Bayonetta 1 is only physical in Japan and I had no issue claiming points for it with a UK eShop account, I thought that maybe the issue as well but it couldnt be.

I had the same issue from the Limited Run version of Iconoclasts. I had to claim my Okami gold points with my Japanese account.

Guess I will try with my Japanese eShop account, didn’t want to try as I don’t buy anything on it so the gold pints will go to waste

I buy all my games digitally and receive the points (and sometimes point bonuses) immediately

From what I heard, Nintendo has region locked Gold Points to the region of the game now. So if you buy a JPN game you can only redeem it on a JPN Nintendo Account. It sucks but… oh well. :frowning: