Persona 5 Scramble thoughts

Who is excited to play this game on Switch? I’ve seen parts of the Persona 5 on youtube but I haven’t played the game for myself so we’ll see how it feels to jump in without knowing the story so far. How is everyone else feeling about it?


My friend has played it and he liked it so far, BUT he said it was a direct sequel of the Persona 5 game. He said that if you haven’t played the main game, then the story is going to get spoiled and you may not understand the plot. overall, I’m super excited for it, but I haven’t heard it coming to the West yet so I’m nervous that it won’t end up coming. I’m considering buying it right now in Japanese, but I don’t know Japanese well enough to fully understand it yet.

I think the gameplay looks gorgeous and I like that it’s a direct sequel to the game because I love the cast.

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I’m really excited for Persona 5 Scramble as I recently finished the original Persona 5. I think it would be better to play the original or royal first as Scramble is a sequel.

Persona 5 is simply the best J-RPG I have played on ps4 but I don’t know if I will replay it on switch.

I think it would be worth replaying if Royal came to Switch as Royal has quite a lot of differences and a new ending if you go through a certain path.

I would definitely play Royal too, especially on switch, it would be really fun.

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I tested the Switch demo and if in terms of DA and soundtrack it’s good, once in play it’s between the correct and the very ugly.
The combat system is good but in normal there is hardly any difficulty.
In short it remains correct but do not expect something crazy like the real Persona 5.