October Pick Ups?

In Sept I picked up River City Girls, Link’s Awakening, Daemon X Machina, Astral Chain, Castle Crashers and Untitled Goose Game. I also picked up the 8BitDo SN30PRO+, great controller.

I have prepurchased and preinstalled for October so far, Luigi’s Mansion 3 and Ghostbusters Remastered. I also plan on getting Dragon Quest 11 and Super Money Ball. What are some of your recent pickups and future pickups?

Btw Luigi’s Mansion was my 200th game and Ghostbusters was my 201st game. All digital except Labo VR

In September I got Hollow Knight physical, Fitness boxing and Yoshi’s crafted world while I was in Beijing as they were nice and cheap, I also got Astral Chain, Untitled Goose Game and Links Awakening.

In October I will grab Luigi’s Mansion 3, I am trying to find the Steelbook version but so far all the ones I found with the Steelbook are way over priced.

I am trying to make October a quite month as in November I might pick up the Pokemon Switch Lite and I am also planning on buying the Pokemon Sword and Shield double pack as at the moment it looks like it might be worth playing both games for once with all the differences they have shown so far and I want that gold coloured Steelbook that comes with it

I also got the SN30 Pro+, I got it in the American SNES colour I love it and might pick up another in black as I think the black one looks great.

Great pick ups! I am picking up Pokemon Shield digitally for myself and Pokemon Sword physically for my Daughter.

I got the SNES color variant of the SN30 Pro+. My next controller pick up is the

I am thinking about getting the purple and orange joycons as they look really nice

My October:

Top Purchases:

  • Witcher 3 (pumped to play for first time)
  • Ring Fit (looks interesting and fun exercise is worth it)

Potential Pickups down the road:

  • Ghostbusters (bummed it doesn’t have co-op)
  • Wargroove (Physical, waited so long so lowered interest)
  • Yooka-Laylee 2 (need to play the first one)

Hold overs from Sept for down the road:

  • Dragon Quest XI (need this at some point)
  • Darksiders II (just beat the first and really enjoyed it)

I am hoping there are some crazy Black Friday deals in Nov, so also trying to keep Sept/Oct quiet.

I am really interested in Dragon Quest XI but it is one I am having to put a hold on right now way too many other games I want to play.

Well, in oktober I got/will get Ghostbusters Remastered, Mega Drive Mini, Witcher 3 and Luigi’s Mansion 3.

Possibly Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz, depending on how well that particular edition hold up after all these years.

Still unsure about the new Yooka-Laylee… But the first reviews seem very positive.

Possibly Vampyr?

I also got Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 today, but that doesn’t count, I guess?

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Why doesn’t Marvel count? Get the season pass. Yooka is looking way better than I initially thought

Oh, I thought it only applied to new releases in october. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve only gotten Wizard of Legend which was okay but will hopefully be more fun in co-op mode. Dragon Quest also looks cool but I think I might want a less linear RPG.

No, its about the games you bought in October :grin: . Anyway I just preordered Luigi’s Mansion 3, wanted to get the Special Edition with the steelbook, but I have to oreder all my games from Taobao and the sellers there where charging way too much.

I think I was lucky to get hold of the Links Awakening Japanese Special Edition with the steelbook thrown in, but was let down with the quality of the artbook, the west seemed to get one with a hardcover but the Japanese one is just paperback.

But I am also happy to have found the Japanese double pack for Pokemon SwSh double pack with the gold steelbook for a decent price

I think I might only be buying Luigi’s mansion 3, I barely finished fire emblem which I had gotten in July, so I’m moving right on to astral chain which I got in august, so I’m trying to cool down with the buying.
That said, Yooka laylee and the impossible lair looks surprisingly good, If there is a physical release I might get that right away. I’ve never played the witcher, but the fact that they got this massive rpg on the switch alone interests me to where I might think about getting it. It’s all supposed to be on cart too with no downloads, isn’t it? That’s just insane.

How is Ghostbusters for anyone that picked it up? I have never played it so interested. After watching the launch trailer, it is getting higher on my list of pickups.

I loved Ghostbusters on the Xbox 360 and the Switch version runs great even looks better. It’s a great $30 game for sure. However if you like Donkey Kong Country Yooka Laylee and The Impossible Lair is also a great $30 game

I am probably going to get The Witcher 3 since that comes out this month and maybe Link’s Awakening since I didn’t pick it up in September.

I would wait on Links Awakening to see if Nintendo will either patch it’s performance issues or lower the price

Still not sure about My Little Town Hero. The voices have been turning me off the most from the game in the newest footage I’ve seen. It looks charming and the idea seems interesting enough. Guess we’ll see how it goes.

I ended sticking with my plan. I picked the Witcher 3, that I am saving to play until wrap Fire Emblem. Ring Fit has been a big surprise for how much it kicks my butt and fun to play with my kids, hope i can stick with it for the exercise.

I also picked Mutant Year Zero with a sale at GameStop putting it in my insta-buy price. Not the best port but i needed my XCOM fix on the Switch as a big strategy fan.

I just got Luigi’s Mansion 3 today, a day before release which surprised me as its the first time in 8 years I haven’t had to wait for a week or two after release to get a game bar SMM2 which I got on launch day.

Must mean I got one of the games which broke street date in Hong Kong. So far I am loving the game, but the right stick to control the direction of the poltergust is taking a little getting used to after Dark Moon