Nintendo Switch Lite


So Nintendo finally reveal Switch 1.1 last night, a pure mobile ver.

Anyone getting it?
From what i see it’s barely a hardware update (downgrade?), no change in the processor whatsoever, just the battery last a bit longer.
Its like 3DS to 3DS XL, not New 3DS.

I doubt i’ll be getting it as i prefer the table top mode where i can play it like a mini Wii =P


waste of money! wanna play on TV…nope! wanna switch (pun intended) out joy cons…nope! wanna play with second player using extra controller…nope! even smaller screen and more cramped hands…yup! so wont be getting this wish they put time into getting us a switch PRO !


I wanted one when I first saw it as I mainly play handheld and the smaller complete body feels more suited to playing on my train commute. However the more I think about it the more attached I am to my OG switch which I bought day one. I like having the options of ways to play and I have many happy memories of sharing the experience with my sister by handing over a joy con which the switch lite can’t do. I think I’m the end I prefer to stick with the heavier, bigger, fragile switch for the flexibility.

Unless I feel like a second one specific for commutes because damn I like the colour/Pokemon options :joy:


I actually looks really good and if they improve the quality of the control sticks to prevent drifting, then that’s amazing. I’d actually be really tempted to get one if it could play on the tv, that’s kind of a big deal for me and I think a lot of people.


I will be sticking to my OG switch as I like the option to play on a tv and the lite is way to small for my hands, but the Switch lite is good for people with more than one child, I am thinking about buying 2 for my children so they will have their own consoles, then my OG one can be used on the TV when it’s family gaming time


I’m probably not going to get it since I own the original Switch but I really like the idea of a smaller Switch since I think the original is too big to bring in public.