Nintendo Switch Friend Code Exchange

My friend code is SW-7774-1962-1985

I mostly play Splatoon 2, but i some times play smash.

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My friend code is sw8222-5770-654 I play all sorts of game looking to play with more people online

1752 4523 6516. Add me if you’re good on FIFA

I don’t play FIFA sorry

Hey I’m Justin aka jaymrlive on switch
An jay Mr L I v e on Xbox I’m from Miami nun major I’m just trying to get more switch friends my code is 3615 1255 7126 I’m not To much into fire emblem or the marios but I’m on a lot of games right now I’m stuck on warframe until I grab the online an Pokémon sword comes out if anything add me


Hit me up for Pokemon Raids! also completing the -Pokedex

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Here ya go! SW-2411-6252-2348

I mostly play Splatoon 2 I have Mario Kart 8 Deluxe but barley play it

My Switch FC is SW-4757-1434-0506. I play Pokemon Sword. Please be my friend and trade with me! Link Code is 1987.

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Hey, rainyday! I like the character and background you chose! Want to trade Pokemon on Pokemon Shield if you have the game? My Link Code is 1987.

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Looking for friends to play multiplayer with, as i just had my online subcription :smiley:

Friend code is SW-7895-9729-7564

Current multiplayer games i have are MHGU, Stardew Valley… and thinking of buying pokemon sword/shield in the next few weeks.

Feel free to add!!

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Hello, feel free to add me :smiley: SW-4009-0752-4033



Anyone wants a friend for online play feel free to add me SW-3733-7850-2802

I play Smash Bros (occasionally), Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, Overwatch, Brawlhalla, NES and SNES online, Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 3, Super Kirby Clash, Minecraft, and sometimes some other weird ones (ie, Pixel Action Heroes)

Smash, Mario Kart, Splatoon, Mario Maker


SW-3953-7248-6300 looking to game with new friends. Just got my switch lite I play a lot of games but unfortunately don’t have a lot at the moment

I’m add you bro what games do you play I just got my switch lite for Christmas

I’m new to the switch I just got it for Christmas and I’ll add you I have to get more games though which I will be soon

Add me 3023-2490-9151 I play pokemon shield a lot.

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I mostly well add you I’m im gettin Pokémon very soon I just got the switch lite

Mine is sw-5404-7080-6341 I play minecraft