My Time at Portia - Early Impressions

I love this game so much and I’m about 4 hours in. However there are a few issues:

Even with the day one patch the game still has some bad load times. When you fire up the game it takes several mins to get to the title screen. Then once you continue into your game it takes another two mins to load. Once your in though the load times are a lot better. Mostly under ten seconds when entering or exiting a building. It takes about a second to open all menus.

There is hardly any handholding, I had to Google a lot of stuff to get going but after I finished my first contract job I mostly taught myself everything I needed to know.

Thank God for the new zoom feature on the Switch because you’ll need it. The font is very small. Overall I do love it and think it’s even more robust than Stardew Valley and that’s saying a lot lol

I saw it at a game show last year. I thought it looked good but the controls felt a bit clunky. How’s the characters in the game? I thought the sparring option was a bit weird in the YouTube impressions during early access.

To be honest I have sparred yet but I have used my sword on llamas and it has a lock on feature. So seems easy enough

I am loving it so far, yeah the loading screen when you first open the game is awful, but Its so much better than the load screens I saw on live-streams of people who got review copies. I have been playing for about 5-6 hours and have just finished with the Dee Dee transport signs commision. At the moment I am only doing the building part of the game, I did the farming mission but will delve in to farming later when I have earned enough gols to buy the animal related builds without leaving a huge dent in my pocket.

One issue I have is at times the game freezes for a second when characters are talking, and there doesn’t seem to be a penalty for dying or passing out from being tired, I got killed by the first boss(haunted cave one) and just spawned near it again with full health while it had only 10% of its health left from which I did during the first fight, and passing out I kept all my gols, kind of wish it was like stardew in which you lose money if you pass out or get knocked out.

Thank you for posting the first impressions. I am seriously considering getting this game as I am looking for something that is more calm and relaxing to play and focuses on exploration and building things. I don’t know, after reading what you guys wrote, if this is the right game for that. I am debating between Yonder, Stardew Valley and this one. Any suggestions would be highly appreciated.
Thanks :blush:

Stardew Valley is a homage to the Snes Harvest Moon but with a literally ton of things to do. Plus it has online multiplayer.

I have not played Yonder but I have heard bad things about its depth or the lack there of.

From what I have played of Portia it is insanely deep. It’s a bit buggy and lacking a lot of audio for background objects. I am sure with patches everything will be fixed.

I would get Stardew now and Portia in a few months

Thank you for your input and suggestion; I will see what I will start with as I still have other backlogs to finish :stuck_out_tongue: