Motion Control, Touchscreen, Second Screen, Visors and others

Alternative Devices (like Motion Control, Second Screen, Touchscreen, Visors, …) are extraordinary and amazing technologies able to convey experience never seen before

Unfortunately, today, they are understimated and rarely exploited and their great potentialities are lost

For this reason i designed Andrastudio , that wants to be a software house specialized in the use of Alternative Devices

I want to found Andrastudio beacuse i think my ideas are extraordinary and revolutionary
i also think that for everyone is easy talk well about their projects.

For this reason a i create a Portfolio of 25 elements, so you can judge my sentences by my work instead of my words

You can find these projects on

What i’d like is that you read one of these projects, and, if you like what you read, read another one, and continue until you have fun

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Can you please not advertise. This isn’t a place to advertise your Kickstarter for which is most likely a scam.