Motion Control Games

So I’ve been getting in the mood to try out new games for the Switch that actually use the joycons for motion control. Crazy right?

I just feel like there’s wasted potential in just letting the Joy Cons stay on the Switch when I could be using them like a sword or to aim and shoot.

Since I’ve heard that 1-2 Switch is more of a tech demo, I was looking for something with more action.(If only Beat Saber was on Switch)

I just got Mario Kart and since I’m used to playing with the Wii controls, I wanted to try out the steering motion controls on that. And the Boxing Fitness game seemed interesting as well. It’s really the action that I’m going for.

Any suggestions? Thanks!

You can try ARMS.
The game is design around joycon’s montion control.

Other than that, any of the Labo series is great too. They fully utilize all the unique capability of both the Switch and joycon, from Giro sensor to infrared reader. And its going very cheap now too.

I agree…ARMS was made with motion control in mind, be careful though, you will end up sore as hell lol.

Not gonna lie, the ultimate game to play like this would be The World Ends With You. The only problem is that all the pointer controls for switch are just plain terrible. I know I just said pointer controls, but if the joycons COULD point as well as the Wii remotes did, you would be moving and slashing and poking enemies and just have a lot of fun playing the game. Instead, you have to pull your switch off and use the touch controls instead, because they actually function properly.

Resident Evil 4 WOULD have been legendary, if it had the aiming controls from the Wii version. Capcom decided to just not try and include them at all. Thanks again, Capcom. Without those controls though, this game is still admittedly a masterpiece.

Splatoon2 is the only game with excellent motion controls I would recommend, It’s actually the best way to play the game, why can’t other games follow suit?

I do fitness boxing and its really good for keeping up fitness

Majority of the games rarely make use of the motion control, mostly the gyro but thats really all about it.

Super happy to see Ring Fit Adventure! I think it’s really close to the kind of game I was talking about here! What did you guys think of the video?

Yes, Mario Kart is really really fun!! For me, nothing beats the classic Mario games and you can never go wrong with them. I love racing and I love super Mario since I was a kid. So, placing them together was really a bright idea that I loved. It was pretty amazing and I do hope that there will be more games like this. It was really fun to play and I loved how familiar I was to all the characters that were seen in that game. Really fun to play, especially with motion. Makes me feel that I’m there.