Mortal Kombat 11

Get over here!

So, Mortal Kombat 11 on Switch. I’ll admit, I’m (pleasantly) surprised they take the time and effort to port this. I loved the previous two games and this looks like a very interesting installment (bar Kano’s moustache. Ugh) but… not to diss the Switch, but this looks like a very graphical intense game. They tried to port X to PS3 and 360 and failed. And we haven’t seen any screens of footage from the Switch version, so I’m a tad worried at the moment it isn’t up to snuff.

Then again, it’s a capable team that is taking on the port, so there is hope. There will be compromises. I just wonder which ones.
But MK11 on the go! On the toilet! Hellayeah!

The first from the reboot was ported to Vita and while the characters looked awful, it played wonderfully.


This game looks really fun, as long as it runs well I’m all in! It’s been years since I last played mortal kombat(MK4)
And I agree about Kano’s mustache lol

Speak of the devil.


So i just read that even if you get the cartridge version you have to download about 15 gb patch. (thanks Nintendosoup for the heads up)

So yeah i guess i pass on the game then or get it later for a discount. I just don’t want to be forced to download enourmous patches just because these AAA publishers cheap out at the end.
They have the resources not like smaller studios which still get real physical versions on the switch yet to keep maximum profit aka every penny they can they keep doing lazy stuff like this. Just to earn more money that they know what to do with.

This really annoys me. I want to keep collecting my games physical so that i can play them years down the line after Nintendo has shut the servers for the Switch down but the way the industry goes makes it sheer impossible for me.
Well what did i expect of WB after they even made Shao Khan a DLC preorder bonus. That’s like making Pikachu, Samus or Yoshi a preorder Bonus in Smash. It’s just annoying and sad.


Yes, I’m quite miffed about that too. It’s quite the download. I know it keeps costs down, but surely a 16GB card would have been feasable? What if the inevitable Komplete-edition comes out? On PS4/Xbox, everything is on the disc, DLC included (unlike FFXV Royal edition, which is just the standard edition with a download code). Guess we’ll never see a physical MK11 Komplete edition on Switch ?

I wonder when we’ll get to see some updated boxart with that lovely, lovely banner. Unless… the update is included on the card? One may dream?

To make matters even more baffling, hete in Europe the physical retail version is 10 euro cheaper than the eShop version.

You’d think a download would cost the same as a physical version (production, materials, distribution, share for stores, etc.) at worst.

So instead of using a more expensive cartridge and selling it for the same price as the download they go for a cheaper one and let you download the rest yourself AND give you a discount so they won’t even profit of it?

That’s just stupid. Now nobody wins. I’m not even mad anymore, i’m just shaking my head :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

From what I’ve read so far it’s a hard pass then.
My monies will be better spent on Super Smash if I want a fighter.

You weak, pathetic fool! I have come for your SD-Kard!

And keep those SD-cardalitie-puns comin’! Toasty!

Still getting it, though. My SD-card can take it. Impressive!

Is that your best?

On a sidenote, I noticed 3 different threads on MK11. Any way to merge them to one? Keeps things simple and clean.

So to fit these larger games on a bigger cartridge would you be willing to pay $70 or 80 for the game? You have to remember it’s not the developers fault that Nintendo is charging so much for the larger cartridges.

That would be a neat comparison if you could even really compare Mortal Kombat to Smash Bros. Also if you want the whole Smash Bros game it too has large patches and a DLC Pass

And here’s the box, with the redesigned download-notification. Thank the gaming gods and anyone with eyes for that.

I’m still curious why the PAL-version got delayed, though. Instead of a “Get over here!” it’s a “Wait slightly longer!”.

Shao Khan is not a main playable character. He wasn’t playable until Mortal Kombat 3, then he was off and on as playable up to Mortal Kombat on the PS3/Xbox 360 where he again became unplayable. He was also not playable on Mortal Kombat X. So making him a pre-order bonus is fine, they also never said he wouldn’t be unlockable in game. The pre-order bonus simply unlocks him right away

Ok i didn’t know that he was sometimes not playable again. Thanks for clearing that up.
Still i don’t think making him a preorder bonus is the right way. He is a main staple of the franchise and it just puts the pressure on the consumer. Like making you want to buy it before you had the chance to read any reviews. Games nowadays should not be preordered. To often they are full of bugs and heavy microtransactions.
Also i don’t think they would make him unlockable in the game if you could also pay for him.
If they “allow” you to pay for something they WANT you to pay for something.

This is Warner Bros. we are talking about. Exploiting the consumer would be nothing new to them.

I answered that in your thread but no i wouldnt.
Would companies make their games cheaper if they come digital only? Nope they are not.
And no it’s not Nintendos fault that Warner Bros., a million dollar company, can’t afford bigger cartridges but can put microtransactions in their games. :crazy_face:

Not talking about MK11 here btw. since i don’t know how or if it will have microtransactions but it would not be the first time.

Why should Warner Bros have to eat the cost of larger cartridges? I think people forget these companies do need to make profits and if Nintendo isn’t careful they may start skipping the system all together. If they can focus on the PS4 and Xbox One market and print cheap blu rays of their game or pay Nintendo an abhorrent price for a large enough cartridge to stop all the belly aching they may start doing that.

I think the solution is Nintendo needs to eat the cost for the large cartridges, however maybe charge a bit more for the development kits to help. I think big gaming companies are more ok with a larger upfront cost that being nickle and dimed by runs of a game due to the carts.

Also yes I think a digital only market for console gaming would be cheaper. Look at PC most AAA games are $50 or less at launch when on consoles they are $60. When you no longer have to print the cases, discs, pack, ship, display, pay for posters in game stores you can pass the savings along to the consumer.

On the first point: Maybe Nintendo should take the costs for the cartridges to be able to compete against Playstation and Xbox but why should they do it if Sony and Microsoft won’t pay for the Blu-Rays?
Sorry we are talking about a million dollar company thats CEOs are bathing in money and keeps doing shady microtransaction stuff in their games. Shadow of War with it’s lootboxes was one thing and now comes Mortal Kombat 11 with its premium edition where you pay 30 bucks more not knowing what characters will be released.
At least i can’t find info on it in the eshop.
If you say Nintendo should pay for the cartridges you could also say WB games could do something for the consumer once in a while and take the costs and give them a full game on a cartridge.
I mean the developers of Ys VIII did it which is a smal JRPG series for western standards.

Or they could go about it like overcooked 2. Make the physical version more expensive and support the game after launch with tons of free updates. Not making people pay for skins which was once upon a time a simple unlockable in a fighting game.

About the pc and digital thing: First of how are they cheaper?? As i type this i searched for Devil May Cry 5 on my local amazon.
I get the PS4 version there for 50 bucks where as steam has the game for 60.
I am talking about the german amazon and the prices are in Euro.
So tell me again how digital is cheaper Oo

Also you keep forgeting something very important as a consumer when it comes to physical and digital games. You don’t own anything if you have them digital. The only exception to this are games bought at GOG because they have no DRM.

If i buy a game i can resell it and finance my next game. I can trade them to my friends if they don’t have the money but want to try out something new. And also physical games will work in many many years (not counting for day one patches and other anger inducing stuff.

Steven if i may speak to you directly now: i don’t care if you buy games rather digital. I know it’s more convenient but i think we as consumers have a responsibility to think before we pay. Think about if we should preorder stuff, if we should support games as art that can survive time and not be buried or deleted from a server. I think we should not trust big companies since they are not our friends. They are buisness partners and as such we should only reward them with our money if they do something that is in our best interests which in terms of games means to entertain us.
I saw your post about how you preordered a lot of games for this month like Katana Zero Cuphead and i believe MK11. And i wish you a lot of fun with those games i really do but i think you should think about what i just wrote.
Giving money away before you know if a product is good, before you read reviews and only for the right to play which could be taken away by the developer in a year from now is not the right thing i believe.
If you don’t agree with me there, fine, but maybe it helps understanding my point of view a little better.

Also sorry for the long text and i really hope there aren’t to many errors in it XD

Mortal Kombat 11 still has the crypt, where you can unlock a ton of different things. I am only against cosmetic microtransactions if the base game is light on content. But if they give us a full game to start with and give us additional options for cosmetics for small charges on the side there is nothing wrong with that. No one is forcing you to buy them

I know nobody forces me but also it feels like not getting the full experience. But we shall see what exactly MK11 will get als DLC. Since i think we don’t know the six fighters and costumes yet, right?

Also is Shao Khan one of those six or not?

Just like Piranha Plant for Smash Bros Ultimate, no he is not part of the overall Season Pass. My guess is if you don’t pre-order him, and you don’t want to unlock him in gameplay they will have a $4.99 charge to unlock him instantly.