Marvel Ultimate Alliance: The Black Order coming July 19th!

Nintendo Soup - Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3

I didn’t think we would see this game this early I am so excited! I absolutely loved the previous titles and love that Nintendo stepped in to give us another title! Who else will be pre-purchasing this title as soon as it’s made available?

I am really happy that i will see another game in this series. I played the first game on my PS2 and got it again on my PS3. It was just easier to play with other people there since wireless controllers.
I also had the second game but i didn’t like it as much. Don’t really know why. Maybe because i don’t really like the Civil War storyline int he comics.

I am really hyped for the third game. What we saw looked really good and i am curious how well it will play.

But i won’t preorder it. Simply because i almost never preorder. It’s the first game in a series in years. Nobody knows if they will really get it right and we haven’t seen real gameplay yet. Just that very fast paced trailer. So since there is still a big window for failure i keep waiting for reviews or gameplay impressions and will decide after that.

There is plenty of Gameplay in that trailer plus they had a similar online game come out on ps4 recently that I really enjoyed. But then they closed everything down

Yeah the trailer had gameplay scenes but we haven’t seen anything since. I also like to watch gameplay from news outlets or youtubers who had a chance to film and play the game at conventions or whatever.

I don’t feel comfortable to just buy a game i haven’t read a review or impressions before.

I don’t know about the PS4 game you mentioned. Was that maybe Marvel Heroes? That free 2 play online game?
I didn’t like the monetization there and would prefer if they would turn more to the old games. Which in all fairness it looks to be

Yes the F2P game. I don’t feel this new one will be monitized at all. But the game play will be similar but more polished. And an actual story lol

You have no idea how much i hope you are right. If so and it plays good it has good chances to be one of my most played games on my Switch. Hopefully it will include an online mode where you can play with others. So if you need a Spider-Man helping you just tell me ^^

Super excited for this one. I loved the last 2. I playes both all the way through multiple times. I hope you get to you the bad guys like thanos and his lackies.

It seems like you can play as Venom at least. But it would be really neat to play as Thanos :smiley:

I was pretty down after i missed the Fortnite event

If you cant at least the stones would be fun to use. My wife wanta to use squidward from the movie. Thats whats iron man calls him and it stuck for her but his powers wpuld be awesome to use in game.