Mario Tennis Aces Vs Super Mario Party - Updates

Am I the only one a bit confused why Mario Tennis Aces is getting consistent updates with new modes and characters be added and Super Mario Party has barely ever been updated. Super Mario Party has crushed Mario Tennis Aces in sales so why not update the more popular game?

That’s a good question. I know many people want Super Mario Party to be updated with new content but Nintendo still hasn’t done it yet.

I guess they’re waiting to pour everything in one huge update for a large sales boost, like what they did with Kirby Star Allies.

Mario Tennis Aces seems to have a similar content/update strategy as Splatoon 2, where it’s regularly updated with things like new weapons, outfits, and stat adjustments.

Well I glad Mario Tennis has done so much after the game came out with more every month but i agree Mario party is due and i feel as if there will be in the future. At least a few more characters with there own dice block and a map or 2. More minigames wpuld be amazing even if it was only a dozen or so. They could pretty much switch characters. (Nice play on words).

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I wouldnt be aganist paying for a DLC package 10 20 U.S. dollars if the content was worth it.

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I just want an actual online board to play with friends with all the mini games

Good question. I would like to have a real online mode where you can play a board with other people. Maybe we will get a big update sometime in the future. I mean nobody predicted the VR Modes for BotW or Mario Odyssey too so fingers crossed we get something for Mario Party too.

A proper online mode would be great