Mario Odyssey and Zelda Breath of the Wild VR

I came here hoping I’d be the first to post about this :crazy_face:

So there are “bite sized” adventures in Mario, but that sure appears like the whole Breath of the Wild game will be in vet. Very, very interesting. This also makes me think even more that a Swi5ch Oro would be for vr.

This version Krist going to sell more than all of the others added together.

Hoping for a patch for Mario Kart too.

Very, very interesting, I can’t wait.

This news pushed me over the edge in the decision to go get the VR Labo.

I was very interested before but now i am sure to get it. Mostly because of Mario Odyssey. I will try the Breath of the Wild function too but i am not as excited for it since i don’t see me playing it for long while holding the Switch and Labo construction against my eyes.

I am curious what they will do about other games. Something for Pokemon Lets go would be cool or support for the minecart levels in Captain Toad.

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I’m in the same boat. I’d imagine that there are quite a few of us feeling the same way. You can’t lose for as low as 40 dollars.

The only big issue I see arising from the Labo VR is what happens if you screen has several fine scratches?

We’ll have to wait till next week to find out.

Just pre-ordered the Starter Set (Toy-Con Goggles and Blaster) from Amazon because I can’t wait to play Breath of the Wild in VR. Looking at the bestseller rankings it seems many people are doing the same.

You are not alone ^^

Did the same and can’t wait to try it out. Curious how long it will take to assemble the thing.

Doesn’t look like it will take too long for the Goggles, but the other Toy-Con would probably take some time.

I think this a great way to VR experince. Affordable and kid friendly and I like they limited younger kids from using this until there is more data on long term effects on the neck and eyes etc… for people. I do however dislike the idea of playing BOTW holding the joycons next to my head. I really wanted to go back to hyrule again for this experience but now im waiting to see more on this labo. I will buy later this summer forsure.

Just looked around some online stores today and found that the Labo VR is sold out in all of them OO
Didn’t really expect that to be honest

I bought the starter kit at my local Best Buy last Friday. Over the weekend I built the VR headset and Blaster. The VR headset took about 30 mins but the Blaster took 3 hrs lol.

It works great, looks a little worse than Playstation VR but the Hippo game we played for hours and were laughing are asses off

Yea that really surprised me. Zelda and Mario might have done the trick.

Did you feel dizzy while playing it? I’m still waiting for mine to be delivered anytime now…

I think the fact of holding it to your face tells your body you are not fully there. That being said only one game so far has gotten me feeling weird on the Oculus

That’s quite interesting to hear. Doesn’t it remind you of the Virtual Boy?

Not at all. The virtual boy say stationary and you had to bring yourself to it. This you hold to your face but it moves when you move quite well

I haven’t felt dizzy yet, but like Steven, I’ve never quite had such issues with VR before. But as he said, because you have to hold it and it ins’t wrapoed around your head, it’s more like looking through binoculars, really.

But it’s great fun! The Mario VR-bits look promising. But the full Zelda-experience in VR? Does that come with a downloadable headstrap or something? Because my scrawny arms get really tired after 10 minutes. And I wonder which visual compromises will be made. Framerate us pretty low for VR as is, and I doubt they’ll lower the resolution even further for VR. So… details, draw distance? Of have they perhaps optimised the engine (which was written for WiiU) to such a degree no comprimises are neccesary?

Time will tell…

Interesting. It looks like the VR for BotW is mostly intended as some sort of photo-mode. Which makes sense, I guess, though I gather you can play in VR. Can’t see me paying for 30 minutes straight without severe armcramps.

A little more elaborate.