Mario Maker 2 Nintendo Direct Discussion


Late today 5 pm CST there will be a Nintendo Direct about Mario Maker 2. Let’s discuss it :slight_smile:


What I want to know is why there was a super famicom logo appearing when they introduced cars.

Could they be hinting at SNES? Most likely no, but still Nintendo dont do anything by mistake.

No one I have seen seems to be talking about it.

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I noticed that too but I wouldn’t read too much into it. More than likely it’s just an easter egg. The original Mario Maker had the Fly Swatting mini game from Mario Paint lol


I love the several new additions to this game, the one thing they didn’t touch on that I think would make this next level is can you:
A.) String levels together, and make Boss Fights
B.) Make and Overworld map

Basically with enough creativity and time can I make my own 8 world Mario Game?


It might be but as this is nintendo we can never know, but as it was the japanese version of the console it is unlikely to be SNES games as they would just have changed to the SNES version.


I think the video from yesterday afternoon originated in the UK. The UK version was the first to go live, and post afterwards. Doesn’t explain the Famicom thing but again I would wait until E3 before jumping to conclusions on this one. What do you think about making interconnecting levels and making boss fights?


In my personal opinion, game looks amazing, I loved the cat suit on 3d Land/World so Im all in, tbh I didnt even need a Direct, it was a day one purchase for me.

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I think for additional styles that can come post launch are:

Super Mario 2
Mario Odyssey (still in 2d)
Mario Sunshine
Mario 64


the bundle looks good, not sure if any deliver to sg though…


I bought the Hong Kong version of the game myself, I think the box text is in Cantonese but It’s about £10 cheaper than I would pay for it if I was in the UK, just have to wait maybe 4 days for it to get to me from Hong Kong