Let's play some E3 Bingo


I made this to keep the E3 predictions thread less cluttered.

I think it would be fun to do some Nintendo E3 bingo.

Below is my Nintendo E3 bingo card why not make your own and share it and let’s see who has the most ticked off after E3

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I would like to add fire emblem three houses reminder and port of Tokyo mirage session #FE


Thats a tough board to win.


Yeah, I was just trying to think of some games which Nintendo have neglected for a while wich as Golden Sun and Pikmin for some of the panels.
With BOTW 2 I don’t expect a sequel to BOTW I mean new games using the same engine and assets as BOTW.

For Metroid Prime Trilogy, I think it’s now or never tbh, and with the long going rumour of Pikmin 4 being finished and how long it has been since the last one came out, I think a re-release of the first 3 games would make sense to draw in new fans.

I think some of them are guaranteed to happen such as Animal Crossing, Astral Chain, Town and Luigi’s Mansion 3 as we are due news on all of them.

Others like Pokemon Snap are a long stretch but Nintendo is the King of the left field so you never know when you will get something really random and awesome.

I also didn’t mean to put Mario Odyssey DLC twice. Don’t know why it took me so long to notice it lol


Some good ones there, Not sure about the splatoon one as the devs for Splatoon are the same devs for Animal Crossing so for them to have made for DLC for Splatoon I think would mean a AC delay.

Is the one next to the Link’s Awakening saying Mother 3? If so I would love all of the games in a collection if there aren’t any SNES games getting added to the NSO.

For Bayo 3 I feel like a delay is likely as we haven’t heard anything and with Astral Chain coming out soon I don’t think Platinum wants to take away the spotlight.

I would be happy with any of your predictions coming true at the end of the day anyway.


Not more dlc but I’d like it if they announced they were continuing splatfests


I would like that too, but seeing as Animal Crossing will come out soon ( I hope) they won’t have much time as they will maybe do those limited time items like in past games for Animal Crossing.


Splatoon Splatfest are literally the laziest thing they could continue to do. They change the ink and select two random things. I think full featured story based DLC would be good


Yeah, I hope they do continue them, but at some point they will have to stop so they can start developing Splatoon 3, which will start after Animal Crossing is out.


Yeah we both got a few right. I am so happy with the direct also.