lets play a game

let’s play a game called two truths and a lie Nintendo edition

1 My first console was a GameCube

2 I recently got a new 3DS deal for $100

3 I used to talk to my friends while playing video games which one is the lie and also comment your 2 truths and a lie so I can play along too I will read all comments

If I understand correctly we must say 2 truths and a monsange on any subject?

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1 my first legendary Pokemon was rayquaza
2 ive just turned 16
3 i suck at rocket league


1.I bought a game cube for 60 usd lol
2. My game of the year would be animal crossing
3. My favorite game console is Wii U

2 truths are 1 and 3 the 1 lie is the 3ds deal I guess lol