Leakers news good or bad?

As E3 nears and leakers amp there game up by letting all secerts they can out and I cant help but wonder what other feel about this. Im all for getting the scoop or some inside info but i can wait for the people who put there heart and soul blood and tears to make games for all of us to enjoy to reveal the way they see fit. A photo here or there or even just the written or verbal word seems to be enough with ditgial times these days for the rumor mill to take off which is fine to a certain point. I know i have the choice not to read or look at leakers info but all games news sites talk about these leaks for weeks before which just adds to it. What are Nintnendosoupers thoughts??

Leaks as to whether a game is coming out or not is fine. Leaks to what future DLC characters or updates to games may contain is fine as well. However leaking the entire story, or twists to a story heavy game is where I cut it off.

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Although I watch videos on leaks and read about them I have a love hate relationship with them, as Steven said I don’t want to hear the story of the game but I don’t mind finding out about what games are coming and some small details.

What I don’t like is when you hear about a game in a ‘leak’ build up the hype for it to come crashing down.

I think that companies should know that stuff is bound to leak due to the internet. However we as a people shouldn’t support leaks of story based games. The other leaks truly are harmless. And in Sakurai’s case he takes forever to tell us anything so poo on him lol

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I’m not saying Nintendo is in the wrong or any company for the matter for stopping leakers. I am just not personally offended by anything except story leaks or twist leaks

I agree. I like things in little bits enough to get hyped about but not the whole deal. However i would rather have it like mario rabbids rumor at first then seeing a big todo between Nintnedo and Ubisoft at E3 confirming rumor and gives us more.

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I find myself checking news sites several times a day for new release info and announcements. I really don’t mind leaks in that vein – the storyline and other critical plot details, though? That’s not cool.

But please, tell me how many Pokemon there are, and what the release date is, and what consoles are getting what ports! :slight_smile: