Labo VR - will you be getting it?


I heard the experience varies though. Pretty great on Oculus Rift, but not so fantastic on PlayStation VR and smartphones. I’m curious how Labo is going to fit.


As someone who has an Oculus Rift and Playstation VR the Oculus is the better quality headset but PS VR kicks its teeth in with a much better library of games


To elaborate there is a metric ton of things to download for Oculus but the minimum requirements for games like Skyrim or Fallout are so high that one would need a very beefy pc for it to run well. Outside of games that are also on PlayStation VR you have games like Robo Recall and Arizona Sunshine. However you also have a literal truck load of experiences that are nothing more than movie or TV show ads, you have cobbled together asset flip messes or fun but unpolished indie games.

On the flipside you have exclusives on PS VR like for instance you can play through Resident Evil 7 in VR if you are wearing the proper diaper or Driveclub VR.

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The toy-con garage was my selling point as well. I wasn’t really interested in Labo before but having something VR themed and with the possibility to make my own little games? Sounds like fun.


Does anyone know if the VR Goggles have some form of headstrap or something or do i have to hold it to my head to use it?
Would be way cooler to just hold the Joycons however i want


Now that we know Ninty are gonna be adding VR compatabilty to games I am really looking forward to it. I am planning on taking apart a cheap phone vr headset for the strap and working out a way to attatch it to the Labo one.

I am hoping someone will make their own plastic one for switch, and now that we know big games will get VR modes I am sure a conpany in China will do it.


Yeah, technology is nice but the games are what matter. Within reason, of course, you have to have a baseline of not getting headaches or motion sickness of course.

I really think Nintendo are getting back into vr quite ingeniously. If it hits and works, they can push it and it gives us a reason to buy a Switch Pro. If it doesn’t work, they just let Labo and the vegans updates stand alone. They will surely make their money back, or worst case not lose too much. Either way they win, it works or they learn to drop it until at lest the next gen.


I’m certain that there will be 3rd party straps or even people making 3D printed straps to sell on Etsy or places like that.


I wish I had a way to test it as I’m not sure what my baseline for headaches and motion sickness is. That’s probably my main worry especially with the cost of the system. The games for psvr just keep getting better: Astrobot, Ironman, falcon age, Moss


I think at my local electronic store they had stations to try out VR but i don’t know if it was PS VR or Oculus or the HTC Vive.
Maybe there is a electronic store near you that has something similiar?
I know back from the Wii Era that i am susceptible to motion sickness but i played a VR Game at a friends house and was fine. I guess it also depends on the game.


They probably will have demo stations for the VR Kits in Japan, I hope they would eventually bring them over to the west.


Here in germany it took them 4 months to get demo stations for the Switch. For Labo i never saw anything near my location. Guess i just have to try it out myself ^^


They’ve announced demos will be available at Best Buy in Canada. I’m sure they will have it in the US and other places too. It is hard to sell ough commercials, just like 3D TVs. They have to be experienced.


I hope so although I don’t think we really get that sort of thing in the UK. Even in GAME there aren’t places to try out games or anything, you just have to ask staff and make your own judgement.


I wasn’t going to, even though I’m very pleased with PS VR. It’s better than I had dared to expect.

But now, with Mario VR and Breath of the Wild VR… Awfully tempting!

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I think the VR Labo as a whole is a great thing and a good way for people to get into VR affordable and fun. I am however a little upset on having to play Zelda BOTW with out some kind of strap so i cpuld use the jot con in motion control form for a more inmersive time.


So… Who’s got it and what are your impressions? I’m willing to wait a few days to hear them so you can actually build, let alone use the things. :wink:

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Argh… I caved in and bought it myself! Weak, poor, fun-loving me…

I haven’t had the time to put anything together (that garden isn’t going to plough itself, y’know), but as soon as I 've spent some time with it, I’ll post my impressions as a PS VR-enthousiast.


Goggled are done, blaster is on the way, but impressions are favourable so far. The VR is surprisingly good, if blurrier (especially when turning fast) and the games (or in some cases, ‘experiences’) I tried out with goggles and joycon are simple yet fun. The Discovery part is pretty interesting too!

I’ll tacke the bigger games once I’ve completed more toycons.


Waiting for mine to arrive, so no impressions yet. Ordered the Starter Kit.

Did you feel dizzy or nauseous? How long did you play it in one stretch?