Labo VR - will you be getting it?

I haven’t decided yet. I don’t have any of the Labo kits, but Nintendo VR seems very interesting.

I was thinking of getting it and getting more sold when I saw the YouTube video:

I think the flying bird game looks quite impressive, as well as, the blaster. But with any Labo kit, storage is always a problem for me…

Would like to see the VR kit work with the robot kit though!

I’ll probably get the Starter Edition for science. I don’t have the space nor patience to build all of the Toy-Con.

I’m wondering how the experience will match up to other VR devices out there in the market… expecting something close to the “VR” smartphones offer.

Maybe one day when it is decreased in price as it does look very nice and it is a great concept.

Tempting but contemplating since the resolution offered might not be very good. The games offered aren’t very amazing or appealing compare to many upcoming ones

Waiting to hear the impressions first. They should hit in a week or two.

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I think I’ll wait a bit. I really like the idea of the VR Garage but everything else doesn’t interest me much.

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It’s interesting… but I’m not yet convinced. Haven’t dabbled with Labo yet, but if any set has a chance to compel me to give it a try, it’s the VR one.

Like a lot of others here, I’m keeping a semi- interested eye on this on. And the reviews, obviously.

Impressions seem to be favourable, though. And VR garage sounds brilliant! Not to mention a great way to get some longevity out of this.

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VR Devs still seem to be working out what the best type of game for the platform is. We’re basically stuck waiting till a company like Nintendo makes the games that get non-enthusiasts to buy VR hardware.

Nintendo choosing to go the direction of short experiences (particularly with all those added mini-games mentioned in the latest trailer) shows great judgement on their part. That way, the motion sickness caused by lack of 6 DOF won’t be as big a deal. Going the route of WarioWare-style grab bag is the perfect pairing until VR tech catches up with our ambitions for larger games.

Getting it if only to mount the Toy Con Bird on a plaque. A big milestone for VR!

One of the things I was worried about the VR was that the Switch’s screen was only 720p, but from early reviews I think the screen resolution was not a big problem… I mean after all we Nintendo Players have to dabble with the substandard 3DS screen.

Hopefully the Switch pro we keep hearing about has a better screen to take the VR experience further

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I am probably going to get the cheaper set just to see what it’s like.

My Best Buy Gamers Program just ended but they gave me a thank you 25% off coupon when it ended. So I am pretty sure I will get the $80 kit. Total Price will be $64.20 including tax. So yeah I think it will be a great bit of fun for that price tag, my 7-yr old Daughter would agree lol

Just nice - she could play in VR Mode! :laughing:

Same here. Hoping it is good, but they really need Pokemon Snap. If it had that game I’d probably just pull the trigger on day one. Curious if the rumored Switch Pro is for upscale vr in case it does take off. 1080p screen or higher with a faster/not underclocked processor when undocked.

I am hoping after the launch of labo vr they add in a game mode to Mario Kart 8 deluxe to let you do a site seeing tour of each track

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I’m ready fo the VR KIT

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I wouldn’t be surprised if they pitched a better VR experience with Switch Pro lol. Everyone would throw their money for it.

I think i will get the set with the VR goggles and the blaster.
But i still think i wait for some more impressions after it gets released. If the games are just a little bit more substantial than in previous Labo sets i’m in.

I feel VR is just getting better and more prominent these days. The PlayStation state of play made me seriously consider getting PlayStation VR with all the cool looking games coming out for it. The main appeal to me with the Labo VR kits is (other than the price) the toy-con garage opportunity where possibly I could make my own VR games.

Impressions should be hitting this week. Several Japanese publications have already released theirs!

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