Joy-Con colours

I currently rock a pair of neon-red Joy-con as my daily handheld Joy-con, but always thought the red ones look better than the neon-red.

I was wondering what Joy-cons do you guys use and what other colours or special edition Joy-con should Nintendo make?

I am personally waiting for their gold Zelda version with a triforce printed somewhere lol

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I have 4 joycon, two are the splatoon ones (green and pink) which are my favourite. The others are the grey ones which came with the switch although I have changed one of them to neon red by buying some shells on Taobao, I think they are real shells as the quality is identical to grey ones I took off.

I am tempted to buy some clear shells and put them on my grey one.

I would love Ninty to release some white or black joycon, aswell as some more themed ones for big games maybe with the games logo or for example with Pokemon S&S release some joycon with pokemon on them like the splatoon pro controller, clear plastic with pokemon silhouette.

They had the pokemon one for Pokemon Let’s Go which I thought was quite creative they way they design the straps and the Joy-con.

Hori has some Mario and Zelda ones with the D-Pad. Actually, I would love for Nintendo to make their own D-Pad joy-con.

I bought the green pink set. Then on playasia I bought the Japanese pink green set. So now I have a full set of green. I sold the full pink set for a set of yellow

Actually, that is a good thing you brought up! I always wondered if people prefer symmetrical colours when in handheld mode (like both joy-cons being the same colour), or do people like the asymmetrical colours (both different)?

I personally like it being symmetrical, in fact when they first revealed the Neon Red and Blue set, I thought it was stupid. Although I grew to like the Neon Red and Blue combination, I still bring my full neon red out most of the time now.

…I’m obsessed with Joy-Con colors (…although, I only prefer the solid-colored ones …no designs, patterns, or decals for me) …I built a couple of sets, …White & Heaven-Blue (…combining parts from BASSTOP, eXtremeRate, and some custom painted pieces) …I even used a program to have my custom Joy-Con show as their new colors on the Switch! …aside, I have Left & Right sets (Official Nintendo) for Gray, Neon-Red, Neon-Blue, Neon-Yellow, Neon-Pink, Neon-Green, & “Mario”-Red …my most recent acquisition is the “Pikachu”-Yellow/“Eevee”-Brown set which is what I use most now (…prolly because they took so long to get after they sold-out last year!)
I am hoping they intend to release more Official colors this year! …my wish-list includes Neon-Purple, Neon-Turquoise, an Official Black, an Official White, & “Luigi”-Green (…possibly with the release of Luigi’s Mansion on the Switch!)

I have 2 red ones, 2 blue ones and one in pink and one in green.

I use my 2 blue ones attached to the switch and the others are mostly for Mario Party or Pokemon Lets go.
When i am on the couch i mostly play with the Pro Controller which is a little bit of a shame since i do like my Joycons. But the Pro is just so much more comfortable :slight_smile:

wow this is really impressive how does the painted ones feel? Are the like matt to the point of powdery or just like the normal joy con?

I agree the pro controller is much more comfortable but it lacks the Nintendo-ness… I’m not sure if you get what I mean… Other than a few special variants we haven’t seen them do something that is as wowsie with the pro controller

…except for the spray-paints that I color-matched myself (…comparing colors by eye in the Home Depot spray-paint isle), the basic replacement-shells were bought online (Amazon) …for the white ones, I just used the “White” eXtremeRate “Soft Touch” front & back replacement-shells …combined with the “White” BASSTOP SL/SR buttons & middle-battery-trays (…so, no painting necessary for the “White” ones) …for the light-blue ones (…like in the picture) I only had to color-match the “Heaven Blue” eXtremeRate “Soft Touch” front & back replacement-shells, (…spray-can shown …in this brand, color “Aqua” is perfect match! …IIDSSM) then paint & clear-coat (matte) the SL/SR buttons & exposed part of the middle-battery-trays (…as the SL/SR buttons & middle-battery-trays are usually, by default, “Black”-plastic in most of the eXtremeRate replacement-shell sets) …I only painted the exposed part of the middle-battery-trays (…the separating-stripe-of-plastic between the L/R buttons and the ZL/ZR triggers) since, as implied, these trays hold the batteries internally and paint doesn’t seem like it’d be good in-direct-contact with a heat-prone battery.
…SO!, to answer your question (…after a long-winded explination) …IMHO, the “Soft Touch” texture of the eXtremeRate shells is as-good, if not, better than the Official Nintendo Joy-Con! …they almost feel like the silicon protective skins you can get! …and, so far, the painted parts still look great and the shells haven’t shown any more ware-from-use than the other Joy-Con I own …aside, I’ve taken the time to color-match (…in the same brand of paint) three more of the eXtremeRate “Soft Touch” colors (“Light Violet”, “Mint Green”, & “Sakura Pink”) …so far, I haven’t bought actual Joy-Con sets to convert to these new colors yet (…replacement shells don’t come with the inner-electronics, ICYDK) …but, I would be happy to take pictures of these unbuilt ones and post …if anyone is interested.

PS …this is not meant as promotion or advertisement for the products mentioned (as I am not paid or endorsed for said products) …it is only my intent to detail my own expierience with Joy-Con mods and materials to those interested. Thank you. :blush:

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Lots of people sell all kinds of colors you can mix and match on Ebay.

I’ve bought some in the past.

However, seeing a lot of news these days about counterfeit joycins so I’d be especially careful. I wouldn’t buy from anywhere but Amazon (no 3rd parties) and Play Asia at this point. Colorware is a good place to get custom colors too.

I have Mario and Luigi themed Colorware Pro controllers if anyone is interested in seeing them. Awesome but pricey.

Nah i know what you mean. I wish Nintendo would at least come out with more special versions of the Pro Controller. The Smash, Xenoblade and Splatoon one were ok but nothing that blew me away. I think the reason i prefer the Pro Controller to the Joycons is that i have more grip on it. When i use the Joycons i lazyly have one in each hand and becoming one with the couch. Still i don’t feel as if i they “belong” in my hand as much as the pro.

Maybe if they had some sort of notch for the fingers or something.

I think it’s very cool, I’ve never been able to master such handiwork…I once wanted to paint the joy-con grips (because there’s less chance of damaging the electronics… because there’re no electronics)… I even have some sort of a mock up… but the paint always felt wrong in my hands. Maybe I should give your method a try.

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I’m still stuck with my Neon Blue/Neon Red Joy-Con since 2017. Two years ago I was hoping they’d release a Yellow Joy-Con but Neon Yellow turned out to look like piss yellow so I decided to hold off on that purchase.

Was also contemplating to get the Let’s GO Joy-Con (they were sold separately in Japan for a limited time), but the design was a little meh. Hope they’ll come out with something cool like translucent Joy-Con this year.

I have the neon blue/red that came with my system, and the splatoon ones green/pink. I also have the hori d pad zelda themed black one. It works amazingly well in handheld mode. Great for fighting games.

I like that idea. It’s cool personalising your joy-con grip. May do the same to mine. I keep meaning to decorate my own 3ds cover plates

I have the greys, the neons and I’ve imported the Mario-reds from Japan. These are my preferred joy-cons.

Oh, I look forward to the day they release purple ones! Because purple! :stuck_out_tongue:

Sure, I just can buy skins, but still. :wink:

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Damn you all! Damn your eyes! Because if you, I’ve just bought a SNES-replacement shell for my neons! :wink:

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Sadly I only own the default neon blue and red Joy-Cons due to extra Joy-Con being quite pricey but I would love to get the Smash Joy-Con or the Splatoon Joy-Con.

I would love to see some dark blue Joy-Con, purple Joy-Con or even Carbon Fiber themed Joy-Con as they would look very nice!
(I would never use a skin on my controllers)

Yea some skins cause a problem on the Joy-con, especially in the early days… but I think some skin companies have fixed it

Still… would suck if you destroyed your joy-con because of some badly applied skin

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