Joker coming to Smash Bros today!

If you have the fighter pass or pay $5.99 you can have Joker, his stage and music. Looks like fun can’t wait to see Joker Kirby

Joker is literally the reason I bought Smash. Haven’t played to much as I’m bad at it and I can’t figure out the controls. Wondering if I would find it easier with a pro controller? Kept it though as I really want joker and the rest of the persona fan service is brilliant.

I’m not sure how the controls are tripping your up. Press left on the left analog stick to move left, press right to move right, down to duck, and up to jump. That should keep you on the level and then mix in some button presses to do some moves or use the right stick for smash attacks. There is a test area or fight against a bot at level 1 just to practice more

I never use up to jump in Smash. I find it too unresponsive fur my taste. Thr first thing I did with Ultimate, as with the previous iterations, is disable up=jump and relegate that to the B-button.

And like that, I’ve probably just offended the serious Smashers among us. :wink:

As for Joker… They picked the wrong on. :wink: