It's introducing time! Pyro Ranger says hello

Hello everyone,

i am reading the news on this site for quite some time now and i figured i might as well join the forum to chat with other nintendo fans.

I am from germany and am 32 years young. I already apologize for my english and hope it is not tooooooooo bad XD

My first console was the SNES back in the day and after that i joined the Playstation site of things up to the Playstation 3. It was the Wii that got me back to Nintendo home consoles and since then i played on the Wii U and of course the Switch.
I also had every handheld from Nintendo but i almost only used them for Pokemon ^^’

Other than catching little monsters with balls i like JRPGs (the Tales of Series or Neptunia for example), love every Mario game out there especially the Mario Kart Series and Odyssey.

I also like Splatoon and Smash but i am not very good at the last one.

If anyone wonders what my nickname is all about. It’s a combination of the Pyro class in Team Fortress 2 and well Power Rangers, a show i loved to watch as a kid and i still watch the japanese counterpart Sentai today.

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Welcome to the forum Pyro Ranger! You have good taste in games, and I like your name!

Good day PyroRanger!

I used to watch Power Rangers too, but like you I now only watch Super Sentai lol. I usually watch the older shows though.

Same here. I stopped watching Power Rangers after “in Space” and Gokaiger got me to watch Super Sentai. I still think i will watch the Power Rangers Seasons i missed at some time after i finished watching all Super Sentai Seasons. Since i still have about 30 Seasons to watch there this could take awhile ^^

Welcome! glad to see another adult who is a fan of Splatoon on here ( I am 31)

Denji Sentai Megaranger (the Super Sentai equivalent of In Space) was the one that got me in! I’m quite picky with the seasons I choose to watch, so I have stopped watching for the time being.

Megaranger is on my to do list. Weirdly enough i haven’t watched most of the series i know from Power Rangers back then XD
By now i have watched Shinkenger, Magiranger, Jetman, Gokaiger, Goseiger, Kyoryuger, ToQger, Zyuohger and Lupin vs Patranger.

I can really recommend Shinkenger and Gokaiger. Both are great shows and Gokaiger got me interested in many other Sentai shows.

If you watched In Space I guess you will love it. And you will have a fun time comparing what changed and what remained the same (lol).

I think the first thing i will miss is a robot with a flying saucer as a head :joy:


Alpha the robot? Yup, that’s completely gone LOL. You have an old man instead!