Item never arrived rip

I ordered the project Diva remote that came out a while ago and figured with the covid-19 it was delayed but it worries me that i haven’t received any emails about covid or even about the tracking number. Im not getting anything back from the emails i sent. Does anyone have any advice?

My advice would be to contact your bank and report it as a scam and try to get your money back also contact what even organisation deals with businesses I think in the US its Better Business as very time I come back to these forums after a break away there is always someone complaining that they never heard anything from the staff of the site so you are not alone.

I hope you can get your money back, next time try playasia? I think any other place is better than buying from on this site.

Hi there~

Actually we’re all here, the actual channel to reach out to the staff behind the store is through the link below:
Nintendo Soup Store Contact Form
If your enquiries were sent through other methods, they could have been missed.
Hope this helps!

That link is useless I have talked to a few people on here and given them that link and they never got a reply it is the stores job to contact the people who buy from them in regards to their orders actually do some customer service and communicate with buyers.

I suggest no one buys from the NintendoSoup store and if they want to buy something which is a special edition in only one country like Japan use Amazon Japan to buy it as they do International shipping and respond to customers when they have an issue

Hi, did you manage to fix the problem?